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Sanskrit Not Hindu Language Nor Rig Veda


Not content with dividing India on the basis of Aryan Invasion theory, there is an attempt by the West to denigrate and destroy The Hindu Identity by destroying its roots, Sanskrit and The Vedas.

Sanskrit Sanskrit, the soul of India.

Macaulay made his intentions clear in his address to the British Parliament, when he observed that it is the Hindu Culture, Religion and Sanskrit were the impediments to the advancement of Britain’s interests in India.

So the Britishers floated the Theory of Aryan Invasion, encouraged linguistic tendencies and adopted a Policy  of Divide and Rule.

They imposed English, simultaneously ensures that Indians lost respect for their Languages, Sanskrit and the local mother tongue.

Contrary to what they expected the Hindus mastered English better, even better than the British and have advanced, thanks to the British.

In the process Hindu cultural degradation started and is well on its way.

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6 comments on “Sanskrit Not Hindu Language Nor Rig Veda

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  5. Bharti Khatri
    October 1, 2015

    Sorry to say — I do not agree with you — Hindus have not mastered English better than British — nothing to be proud of — the Sanskrit pronounciations in English except 3-4 alphabets — Sanskrit can be written properly to be pronounced right when read in English.
    Hindus created alphabets with dots — now “aa” can be prounounced like this — while Hindus created their own by putting dots and lines — its only disturbing for a person to read in English Script — One has to learn again your English and remember it to pronounce it right –w hat purpose it serves — its better to just learn Sanskrit rather.
    Most Hindus do not know good English — yes who go to English medium schools – they do speak pretty good English — its not a thing to be proud — Indians were really left with low self esteem — because Britishers made them slaves and made look lowly and uncivilized, because of which Indians were brainwashed and thought knowing English was being civilized. They opened English and Convent Schools after Independence.
    One must preserve own culture — Yes now English is being spoken Globally to some extent. Stilll most Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Combodians, Vietnamese,Spanish Countries all speak their Languages and majority do not know English.
    Knowing Englsih does not make one superior.


    • Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
      October 1, 2015

      Agree and that is what we must be proud of our PM Modi Ji talking in Hindi wherever he goes but stupid Indians wants to listen people like soniya Gandhi’s broken written Hindi. I hope many people in India wake up.


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