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India under SIEGE : The enemy within.

India under SIEGE : The enemy within.

For Indians who are aware of the anti-Hindu agendas of Foreign Ideological Forces esp Communist organisations in India and abroad, it is neither shocking nor surprising that numerous NGOs have sprung up throughout the country, which act as sole agents for these alien and hostile organisations. As we come to know from the few, but meticulously written articles of this book, most of these agents are mercenaries of alien masters, and that they are best described as Nehruvian secularists. The Macaulayan pat on the shoulder for submissive behaviour has been loyally sustained and well-absorbed by Nehruvian Stalinism, which epithet describes the Nehruvian-Stalinist policy of sharing the loot among acolytes and relatives.From the Mitrokhin revelations, we also know that the policy of working for alien imperialist agencies had been vigorously flourishing even after India’s so-called independence in 1947. This type of activity is generally designated as treason and is punishable by law, but on the contrary, we have seen that such behaviour is more than unsuitably rewarded with Government patronage, privilege and high position in society. We see numerous, unscrupulous Indians like Harsh Mander still prospering on dishonor.

There are thousands of Manders out there with a different upbringing and educational background, but all have one thing in common — they are all Nehruvian secularists and Marxists working against Hindu India and the native traditions that brought forth them. Is it only greed or an evil mindset cast by India’s enemies?..

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