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Sanskrit Education in Australia

India is struggling with so called vote policy of pseudo secularism, and it may take rest of world follow sanskrit , when so called brown Britishers of india will recognize . And will complain that their language is stolen.

Sage of Kanchi

Fantastic! It is a true shame that our government/schools discard God worships, sanskrit – others cherish from this….

I am sure these kids will shine well!!

Om Paramatmane Namaha – a typical day begins with this dedication to the Supreme Being. It is followed by a few minutes of silence and mindfulness meditation, before starting a structured learning programme. The day concludes similarly. Sanskrit grammar and shloka chanting feature prominently on the educational agenda, as do ethics, values education and lessons in philosophy. Strong emphasis is laid on cultivating respect for one another, taking ownership for actions as well as service to society. At lunchtime, following the principles of Ahimsa, all staff and students sit down to a wholesome vegetarian meal.

This is no gurukul in remote rural India but a thriving learning environment in Belrose on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Ancient classics, modern languages, Shakespeare and studies of world religion…

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