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Navratri is all about Goddess SHAKTI destroying cosmic forces of disharmony .

Goddess Shakti ( in Durga form ) is Ashtak or eight armed .

How many of you know that AZTEC of Mexico is derived from Goddess Shakti?

Have you ever seen the  Ashtabhuja,, the eight armed Goddess ( below )  –    found in Mexican temples ?

Maya Danava was the ancient God of the Americas –and he was an ASURA ( not a DEVA )

Goddess Shakti ( Durga  )is the mother of the universe and is the KINETIC power behind the work of creation, preservation, and destruction of the world.

Since time immemorial she has been worshipped as the supreme power of the Supreme Being and has been mentioned in our Vedas of MANY MILLIONS YEARS OLD.

The Goddess Durga form of Shakti is depicted as having eight hands.  These represent eight Vaastu quadrants  in Hinduism .

Goddess Durga is depicted as a fierce warrior woman with eight hands carrying weapons of different kinds assuming mudras, (symbolic hand gestures) that represent her . Shakti is a force and Durga is thus personalized form of a cosmic allegory.

  • Chakra in her 1st upper right hand –  is a scalar energy interferometry vortex,  used by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata to create a severe temperature inversion and cause the sun to go below the horizon form Arjun to kill Jatadrata..
  • Conch in her first upper left hand —represents OM 7.83 hertz ,  the frequency of this planet , and the Golden mean of 1.618 ..
  • Sword in her second right lower hand – to decapitate evil ( forces causing cosmic disharmony ).
  • Bow and arrow in her second left lower hand – Scalar thunderbolt
  • Lotus Flower in her third lower left hand –  Power granted to her by Brahma .
  • Club in her third right lower hand –Power granted to her by Vishnu – the mace gadha
  • Trident/Trishul in her fourth left lower hand –  power granted to her Shiva (Tamas/ Sattwa / Rajas ).
  • Fourth Lower Right Hand symbolizes – Scalar field Healing.

Durga killed Mahishasura after 9 days of  intense battle, triggering off the Navratri celebrations.

In each cycle of creation, Purusha ( Brahman) enters into Prakriti ( Shakti ) and this union unfolds as the cosmos.   In the pralaya or dissolution at the end of the cosmic cycle or Kalpa,    all creation withdraws into the now formless Prakriti.

Prakriti expresses Herself through the three gunas ( tamas/ sattva / rajas–  – creator/ preserver / destroyer ) , the threads or qualities of all creation. Unlike Prakriti, the Purusha is only a Drashta or Sakshi (witness) of events in this universe. It merely plays the role of a spectator and does not create anything.

This aspect could be compared to a prism, which emits myriad colors only when light is passed through it.  Purusha is always unchanging in nature and hence, it is Achala or static.  Prakriti, on the contrary, constantly creates changes in this universe, hence is the dynamic one.

Shiva and Shakti are the basics of the entire Tantra philosophy.   It is NOT perverted sex as the immoral white historian wrote over brandy and cigars.

In essence Shiva and Shakti are undifferentiated unity.  In Tantra, consciousness is called Shiva, and manifestation, which is energy /power, is called Shakti.   Prakriti ( Shakti ) cannot be perceived, not because of its non-existence, but because of its subtlety.  It is perceived in its effects.

When the insentient Prakriti ( female –Dvaita ) comes in contact with the sentient Purusha (male –Advaita ) , the universe evolves.


Not only is Shakti responsible for creation, it is also the agent of all change It is a tantric symbol symbolizing two triangles representing Shakti from below merging into Shiva .

This symbol ( six point star formed by two enmeshed triangles ) was used by the disgraced Kerala Namboodiris who founded Judaism.

Shakti awakens, goes up Sushumna nadi and unites with Shiva in Sahasrara chakra. Shiva represents the higher cosmic consciousness and Shakti represents evolution of energy. Kundalini yoga is based on this concept.

This image represents a transgendered entity, which depicts how the female principle of Goddess Shakti is inseparable from the male principle of Lord Shiva. Both the Shaktas (devotees of Shakti) and the Shaivas (devotees of Shiva) of the Tantra school of thought believe in the Divine Unity of Shakti with Shiva as the Ultimate Truth..

The Ardha-Nari, which literally means, “half-woman”, is the Soul of the tiny atom to the vast cosmos.  All creation starts from Him.

Life is created from Him and death is considered as a return back to His Kingdom, only to emerge yet again clothed in another body.  Hence, there is no perishing of any creature – it is all only a part of a much larger process of the cycle of life itself.

Though Shakti is not co-existent with Purusha, ( Shiva ), she requires his presence to keep the cosmos functioning smoothly.   Shiva ( Purusha/ brahmAn ) , though he wields unlimited power, he cannot create the universe without the Eternal Life Force of Shakti to back him.


The concept of Ardhanarishvara clearly brings out the fact that Prakriti (Shakti) and Purusha (Shiva) are nothing without each other and one cannot exist and function in the absence of the other.

Tantras are the ancient scriptures, which were meant to spread the light of knowledge of our True Self and bring humanity out of ignorance.   They trace their origin from the Vedas and the Upanishads, and in fact do not deviate from the teachings contained in them.

Like Vedanta, Tantra has its own followers in the true spirit of inquiry and realization of the cosmic unity and power of the Self.

Unfortunately, Tantras were tainted with such practices as ‘erotic mysticism’ and ‘black magic’..by the white invader eager to convert Hindus to Christianity—using their FAKE Mutts and Indian stooges, like Raja Ram Mohan Roy.



At the base of Kudajadri mountain lies Maranakatte ( Moolasthana ) ,  where Durga (Devi ) had killed the demon Mookasura, and you can see the 35 feet handle end of the metal trident spear sticking out.

Indian scientists from NITK, Suratkal conducted a test on this spear  and found that it was made from traditional Indian metallurgical skills.  Nobody knows the composition of the alloy yet as the spear has NOT rusted despite being more than 4000 years old.


Before Durga fought demon Mahishasura , she was empowered by the Hindu god trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.  She battled for nine days  and on the tenth day vanquished the evil demon.

Mookambika  temple consecrated by Adi Shankaracharya 4000 years ago,  is my wife’s favourite temple as she says it emits powerful vibes .  He also installed the Sri Yantra there.



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