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Hinduism and Mayans , Aztec , Inca, Sumerians- Same culture proof

Durga / Kali worshiped in ancient American continent.(Mayans , Aztec , Sumerians) And do you know Maha Kali temple still exists in Mexico ?

Possible relationship with Vedic India

Certain learned scholars who have done extensive research on both Hindu as well as the Aztec mythology have expressed a possible connection between these two cultures. However, there is no proof available till today to support these claims and they require more research. Following are some connections that can be

found in these two cultures.

1. Quetzalcoatl, one of the chief deities in the Aztec culture was known by several names in Mesoamerican civilizations such as Kukulcan in the Mayan culture. Quetzalcoatl is equated to the Indian sage Astika who built the civilization at Tula for estranged Nagas (snake worshipers) who had escaped persecution in their homelands at the hands of king Janmejaya. The leader/king of the nagas was called Takshaka who led the surviving nagas to patala (South America). As a coincidence, Mexico has a place with the name ‘Texcoco’.

2. The Olmecs (predecessors of Toltecs, Mayans and Toltecs) had a calendar that starts from 3,113 BC. Interestingly, the great Mahabharata war in the east ended almost during the same time. Also, Janmejaya, the successor of the Pandavas and Kauravas became an emperor in the Indian subcontinent around the same century.

3. Ancient American texts (pre-classical texts) talk about a mighty warrior who came from the east and married one of the Naga princesses. According to Indian texts, Arjuna, the demigod and one of the Pandava princes, was a skilled warrior who went to the far end of the world and married a Naga princess.

The Aztec Calendar is known as the Aztec Chakra to Hindu Astronomers. (National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico.)

4. Both cultures have recorded elaborate ceremonies in order to request their gods for helping in human affairs such as agriculture. Both cultures seem to have similar concepts of gods, nature and their relationship with humans.

5. The creation myth also seem to be very similar in both cultures. Both believed in the cycle of creation. Both cultures believed that it took the gods five attempts to create the earth and mankind, and they finally got it right in the fifth attempt. In fact, there are many similarities between the Indian Rig Veda and the Mexican Popul Vuh. Hymn 121 of Book 10 in Rig Veda is similar to the creation description of Popol Vuh. Both are also similar in describing how the universe was formed and our purpose.

Aztec of  Mexico is derived from “worshipper of Ashtabhuja or Ashtak ( 8 armed ) ” , the eight armed God- found in Mexican temples. Nowhere in the word are multi-armed idols found, except in India.

“The doctrine of the world’s ages (Hindu Yugas) was imported into Pre-Columbian America… The Mexican sequence is identical with the Hindus… The essential fact remains that they were derived from a common source… It would be ridiculous to assert that such a strange doctrine was of spontaneous origin in different parts of old and new worlds.” — Mackenzie, Myths of Pre-Columbian America.

Incas: Who were they?

The Inca civilization was the largest of the pre-Columbian civilizations. With the political, military and administrative centres as Cuzco in modern day Peru, it had assimilated regions such as the Andean mountain ranges, parts of Modern Ecuador, south central Bolivia, north and central Chile, northwest Argentina and a part of southern Colombia.

Documented history says that the empire was at its peak between 1438 -1533 before it was decimated by the Spanish conquistadors. However, an important part of the civilization and the pre-Inca civilization centred around the Andes region has existed for at least a couple of thousand years.

Inca mythology and Viracochas

The pre-Inca and the Incan pantheon of gods places a huge emphasis on their gods called the Viracochas. In fact, the leader of the pre-Incan pantheon of gods was called ‘Viracocha’ though he was also known by different names such as Con-Tici and Apu Qun Tiqsi Wiraqutra. According to the Incan mythology, Viracochas came in long boats from distant lands beyond oceans.

Incas consider Viracocha the creator of the heaven and earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. He was also the creator of humans. He created the first form of humans who were brainless giants. Displeased with his work, he destroyed them with floods and then created the modern day humans with smaller stones. Viracochas were the gods who taught Incas art, culture, science, reincarnation and the basics of human civilization. They eventually disappeared across the Pacific Ocean by walking on water.

Incas describe the physical feature of Viracocha as follows: he was known to be of medium height (about 6-7 ft tall according to some narrations), white in complexion and wore a white robe (like an alb). He also wields the thunderbolt (similar to Indra’s vajrayudha, Thor’s hammer and Zeus’s thunderbolt). All Viracochas shared similar physical features. Each were also called the rulers of earth, water, air etc.

According to Hindu mythology, a demon king (asura) [Note: the word demon/asura is not to be confused with ‘evil’. They were just another race] known as Virochana and few of his people set out to spread the divine knowledge to distant lands. To give a brief background, Virochana was the son of Prahlada (an ardent disciple of god Vishnu and son of the evil demon Hiranyakashipu) and father of Mahabali, another ardent disciple of Vishnu. Both demon kings are famous in Indian mythology (in Vishnu’s 4th and 5th incarnation respectively) as Vishnu’s favorite disciples.

According to Hindu texts, it is said that both Indra and Virochana learnt the Upanishads and Vedas from the divine teacher Prajapati. It is said that while Indra learnt the teachings properly, Virochana did a mistake in interpreting some teachings. While Indra focused on higher consciousness and achieving the supreme being through that, Virochana taught the asuras (‘danao’ in Greek and ‘ahuras’ in Persian) about worshiping the physical body.

According to a festival called Onam celebrated in India, the festival is celebrated in veneration of King Mahabali who was a benevolent king and a worshiper of Vishnu. Vishnu was forced to send Mahabali to Patala and Rasatala (Africa and South America) to rule there upon request from Indra as Indra was afraid that Bali would overthrow him taking control of the heavens. Mahabali was granted the wish of visiting his people once a year (on the day of Onam). The same mythology also talks about his father Virochana along with few of his followers leaving for far away lands via long snake boats (one of the key sports during Onam celebrations is the long boat race).

Note: Interestingly, the Egyptian god Osiris came from distant lands via eastern seas from the south eastern direction. Long boats were actually found during excavations in Egypt. One narration says that the word “Osiris” may have come from the word “Asura”. Incas too talk about people coming on ships from distant lands from eastern oceans (one of the main reasons why they confused the Spanish conquistadors as their gods).

Similarities in Etymology

‘Vira’ in Sanskrit means ‘brave/powerful man’ or ‘hero’. ‘Cocha’ in Latin or the Andean ‘cochlia/cochlea’ means ‘sea snail’ that resides in the sea foam. Hence ‘Viracocha’ essentially translates to “he of the sea foam”. This could mean that Virochana and his gods either came on boats (ships) or some other sea craft. This may be easily dismissed as nonsense. However, considering phoneicians traveled to North America at least two thousand years ago using boats, this may have been indeed possible.

Alternately, ‘Cocha’ may have come from the Sanskrit word ‘Kosha’ meaning ‘something which consists of’ or ‘body of’ (for example, a dictionary is called “shabda-kosha”, a body which consists of words and their meanings). Hence, “Viracocha” may also have meant ‘a hero filled with knowledge’. While one may argue that ‘Quechua’ was the official language of Incas, linguists have found that the language of the pre-Incan civilization may have indeed either come from archaic Sanskrit/Persian and Greek or may have been influenced by these languages.

“Virochana” in Sanskrit means ‘the bright one’, ‘the illuminating one’ or ‘the shining one’ which is also the term used to denote sun-god. Virochana was supposed to be fifth in the descent of Brahman (the creator of the universe).

There are few other connections found in the Indian mythology relating to this.

‘Guatemala’ is referred to as ‘Ketumala’ and an important western geographical region in Indian texts (in the epic of Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana). It is also mentioned as one of the four continental regions known to ancient Indians apart from Persia, Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia. Guatemala belonged to the Mayan civilization (this is one of the Mayan connections with India).

‘Uruguay’ is interpreted to have been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Uruga’ or snake worshipers. Indian mythology again talks extensively about the Naga-loka (the geographical region of snake worshipers) often easily interchanged with Patala (southern hemisphere). This particular tribe of Urugas were known to be sea-faring tribe. On the same lines Paraguay may have come from the word ‘Apara Gaya’, ‘Gaya’ being a tribe ruled by the Asura king Gayasura.

While definite connections between the two civilizations have not yet been found, there are several anomalies (such as the supposed Viracocha’s trident in Paracas Candelabra, Peru similar to Shiva’s trishool) which may point to a possible connection between these two ancient civilizations.

The temples of India (pict. 1-2) are built according to the ancient Vedic architectural science. There are striking similarities between Mayan temples and those in India. Pict. 3-4: Two Mayan temples from Palenque, Mexico and Central America.

Another strong evidence can be found in sumerians scrips ~!!! The cuneiform tablets of Sumer display eight-pointed impressions made thousands of years ago by a stylus pushed into wet clay, and we know today that these eight-pointed impressions signify Inanna, Goddess of Morning and Evening. It seems fitting that the impressions of this ancient written language bring to mind images of both flower-like rosettes and pointed stars, for images that capture both the intensity of a star and the subtle delicacies of a flower reflect well the Goddess’ paradoxical nature.
In this alone, Inanna is like Kali, the Hindu goddess often called “Mother of the Universe” or “The Divine Mother”, as Kali’s magical diagram, or yantra, contains the eight-petalled lotus. Further, Inanna’s powers as a goddess with her command of both the life-giving and life-taking aspects of the universe, in addition to the physical proximity of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to the Indus Valley, tells us that Inanna and Kali are related not by coincidence, but by a direct tie of the Sumerian to the early Indian cultures.
First, in looking at this ancient symbol of Inanna and in thinking of the Kali yantra,and  the significance of the number eight. It is all strength and beauty, dominion, confidence, good judgment and power all associated with the number.
Barbara G. Walker notes in The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects that, “an eight-pointed star, usually black, indicated the fixed stars in ancient astrology.” It may be that rays of light coming off the stars and planets of the night sky were first counted to be eight by these ancient astrologers, or perhaps for some other reason of which we are not yet aware. But it would seem fitting that the special place of Inanna in Sumer dictated that she be represented by a symbol of the magnitude and wonder of the night stars, (she is particularly associated with the planet-“star” Venus) thereby giving special significance later on in recorded history not only to the number eight, but to the attributes or characteristics of Inanna in relation to that number as well.
However, given the virtually goddess-less patriarchal culture we have known for millennia, although we have come to associate the number eight with Inanna’s qualities, we have forgotten Her almost entirely, thereby missing with this omission the link to primordial creativity and passion that is found in Her sparkling light. With the return of the Goddess to the consciousness of many today, perhaps links such as this one will become increasingly apparent and we will begin to draw again on the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine, in all of her forms.

One thing is for sure ,We hindus are the oldest civilization in the world today .

We are continuation of the Longest chain of most scientific and most powerful civilization.


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  1. sharonstjoan
    October 6, 2015

    Reblogged this on Voices and Visions and commented:
    This is interesting because of the suggested connections between civilizations on opposite sides of the world in ancient times. We shouldn’t expect every single suggestion to be completely accurate – they are possibilities…


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  3. Lord Aseem
    July 16, 2016

    My friend, most of the interpretation of Mayan, Incas and Aztec religions and tales have been done by the White Invaders, who were hell-bent on portraying these mighty indigenous races as mindless savages.
    The White Invader used the most vulgar and perverted versions of the religious beliefs of these races and lied that these “heathens” used to commit human sacrifice whereas in truth even a child can make out that the grand temple pyramids of the Mayans had nothing to do with human sacrifice.
    This was to make the White Invader’s kill-rape-loot protocol justifiable by the senseless religion of Christianity.
    These Noble races have now been completely eradicated and therefore no one can speak for the actual truth of their nature..
    Their religion and our religion is exactly the same. However the divide-and-rule white invader has destroyed them completely…

    P.S. A criticism for your post, In Sanathan Dharma, the Universe and the Earth has not been created by five gods or whatever. Brahma exhales out the entire universe and itself is responsible for creation and not any group of gods. Please don’t mythologize Hinduism, and improve your upon your research verification skills as the White Invader has also perverted our holy scriptures.

    Thank you.


    • You are welcome but must remember that brahma is different in different yuga and there is one nirguna energy beyond Vishnu brahma and mahesh. It is unimaginable per Gita slokas.


      September 13, 2016

      well said


    • Quetzalcoatl
      April 3, 2023

      Well said as for the connection that is true I am from both of those cultures.


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  5. ashvani channan
    November 16, 2017

    aryans are a hoax .. big implications…. india exported knowledge to europe ….. and indicate genetics and civilization origins start out of india The Aryan Debate : 200 Years Old Question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPaCUJsZyPU Lecture-01_Recent Findings on Indus-Sarasvati Civilization- IIT Kanpur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10tDjMdX_nA&t=132s A series of lectures on the Aryan issue – PART 01 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT4pUJMDV2Y&t=1312s archaeology linguistics anthropology etc are acedemicaly broken / joke need revisiting ….. … eric von daniken and others cannot get over facts that indicate that natives hindus and so on have a little bit more in IQ than white guy ….. space alien is the convenient pivot krishnans or christians ? don’t forget western academics have vested interests and by new research in genetics are screwed …. its all flawed jibberish …… Ancient humans left Africa to escape drying climate https://t.co/a03mCU2KMd The Aryan Invasion Issues https://t.co/Y2anOGq9wt and 3000 Gods in Mesopotamia! Similar to Hindus!! https://t.co/LAWKXILPmf also How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate https://t.co/zq7kc402Ae Amazing Facts: Every Human is a Hindu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QGsmGceQp8 and Strange Similarities Between Greek And Indian Mythology https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=vVaHEY_14ZU Hinduism and Mayans , Aztec , Inca, Sumerians- Same culture proof https://t.co/zV0ghW3iWm …also ever heard of vedic math https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=lt1FY6jlgmY this guy is onto something 30 Thousand Years Old – Oldest Civilization Discovered – Hidden History https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0OOYtAfcFs ….blue eyes explained here Neanderthal Genes Influence A Lot More Of Our Behavior Than We Realize https://t.co/zJhoCK2EFV

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