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Vedic origin of Slavic culture 



Slavs are the people who live in Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia and North Asia . They include: Russians, Poles,Macedonians, Czechs, Serbs, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Bulgarians, Slovaks, Slovenes, Croats and Bosnians. (Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Poland, etc.)slightly vary only in expression depending on the region .Swarog or Svarog is the Slavic sun and fire god. In the Slavic religion, Svarga is heaven. In Sanskrit, Svarga is heaven too.
Present-day Slavic people are classified into West Slavic (chiefly Poles, Czechs and Slovaks), East Slavic (chiefly Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians), and South Slavic (chiefly Serbs, Bulgarians, Croats, Bosniaks, Macedonians, Slovenes, and Montenegrins), though sometimes the West Slavs and East Slavs are combined into a single group known as North Slavs. 
Hindu deities have remarkable similarity with Slavic deities – both in pronunciation and in significance. Sanskrit and Slavic words may not be always entirely similar (in pronunciation and connotation), but may carry remarkable elements of similarities like in the case of the Slavic god Veles (god of shepherds and a great serpent), who bears a resemblance to Vedic Vala, a Hindu Naga (serpent) and Asura (mostly sinful and power-seeking deities) mentioned in Rig Veda over twenty times.
ROD~ Scholars believe that a much older name represents him instead – Rudra, which sounds like the word used for the most ancient Slavic god – Rod, who was the primordial god – creator of the universe.The origin of the word “red” (English), or “rot” (German) probably comes from the primordial adoration of the god of fire, most likely a deity like Slavic Rod, Hindu Agni or Rudra. You will find many words with similar sounding both in European languages and Sanskrit – for example, the Sanskrit word “rakta” – English “red” (“rudy” in Czech, “rouge” in French, “rojo” in Spanish, etc.). The origin of the word “red” most probably dwells in fire, which had been adored and personified by all ancient and tribal cultures.
ZIWA~Lord Shiva’s attributes are materialized in a Slavic female deity called Siwa, Ziva, or Zivena – goddess of fertility and love. A similarity with Sanskrit appears in the fact that the word “ZIVA” means (in Sanskrit) “the one who is kind”. Unlike war or scorpion goddesses, goddesses of love are kind for most of the time.As concerns symbolism, lingam is a Hindu (Shiva’s) symbol for fertility – the same dimension that ancient Slavs attributed to Ziva.
There is yet another similarity between Shiva and Ziva – goddess Kali and Morena, the sister of Ziva. Both Kali (Hindu goddess) and Morena (Slavic goddess) are goddesses of death. In Hinduism, Kali is tightly associated with Shiva, as she is a form of Durga, the Shiva’s consort. There is not a big difference between these two, as Shiva’s association to Kali is as strong as Ziva’s connection to Morena. If we look at similarity in pronunciation, Slavic Morena has its equivalent in the Sanskrit word maraNaanta (coming to death).
ZORA ~ Vedic god Surya has his Slavic equivalent in goddess of beauty – Zora, Zarya, or Zori. There is also the word Zorya, which identifies less important goddesses – Slavic guardians of the dawn, but connection to the sun is indisputable.
TRIGALV~Triglav is a Slavic word for god “with three heads”, almost identical to Hindu Trinity (Trimurti). The oldest meaning of the word Triglav characterized the following three deities – Svarog, Perun, and Dazhdbog; however, Veles or Svantovit later replaced Dazhdbog. Triglav has its Hindu equivalent in Brahma (almost always pictured with three heads), or Dattatreya – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in one – an incarnation of the divine Trinity (Trimurti). Hindus believe that this form of God had once appeared here on earth.
Slavonic svastika : Hindus use svastika as a symbol of good luck. Boreyko coat of arms is the symbol of svastika pointing to the left; it had been used in Poland. Svastika can also be found in symbolism of Svarog.

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  1. Bharadwaja
    May 23, 2016

    Trimurti is a Slavic word for “Three faces” “Trzy Mordy” (Polish) while Triglav means Three Heads “Trzy Głowy” (Polish) “tři hlavy” (Czech). Please note Czech H and G are exchangeable in Slavic languages.

    Żiva means “Alive”
    Zora is the word for the northern lights

    Slavic “rudy” and Germanic “rot” / French “rouge” may be related but describe different colours. Rudy is a term for English “red-head”, which as you may know is not red but distinct gold-ish. Slavic czerwony (Polish), červený (Czech) are words to describe Red.

    The origins of Red are not in Fire. Slavic and Sanskrit words for fire are almost identical Agni / Ogień / oheň. Using English to link the two language groups is wrong as English is much later language in comparison to Slavic and Sanskrit (dare I say by a few thousand years)

    However Rudy (sounds like “roody” throaty “y” ) may come from Rodit/Rodzić (sl. to give birth, sounds like “rody” throaty “y”) then it may have gone to German rot, English red, etc. Not in opposite direction.

    There is an amazing array of common words in Slavic languages and Sanskrit. Since Aryans arrived in India and never in any Slavic country perhaps your direction is wrong. Aryans were Slavs. DNA findings confirm that R1A1 is Slavic and Aryan.

    Word similar to Veda still means knowledge in so many Slavic languages.

    So please change the title to “Slavic origins of Vedas”, and you will be closer to home. Slavs still count in a similar way to Sanskrit, while no Hindu nations do. This means that counting method was native to Slavs, as people in general never abandon the way they count.


    • And Vedas and Vishnu brahma shiva are Slavic – you must be illiterate or moron to comment and most likely a product if cross thoughts of maccalya and brown Britishers or communist as the way they are called who still is incapsulated in Aryana migration theory which took 2000 years to wipe. Pl do a favor to stay away from this blog or get your thoughts synced with truth. I have strong words for you and many people like as blinded as you so either you type people get complete blinded or get completely aware. Om.


    • Rominski
      November 10, 2017

      woaw dude u just blowed my brains out…proud to be slav now even more…we are the original india hindus lol who knows maybe slavic are the descendants of the fucking atlantis aswell


  2. Bharadwaja
    May 24, 2016

    No need to be angry and throw a personal attack at myself. Please learn a Slavic language or three and you will see Sanskrit in a different light. If you do not wish for ideas exchange and are not open to other views why do you have a comment section?


    • Comment is not just a comment. It should be evidence based . One day you will say Krishna was originally Christ and could say Ramayana and mahabharat are mythology , so pl do research before commenting here. Thanks and read more before commenting. There is no myself or thyself or me or he or she in Vedas and parbramh language so I guess you are trying to enter in kg1 class so behave like that.


      • Trava
        August 8, 2016

        Bharadwaja was making sense in the comment. You wrote an article pointing out the correlations between Slavs & Vedism, as did he in the reply. There are certain evidence in his claims. The Tocharian mummies found in Tarim China are 4000 years old had r1a dna (same as Slavs) & they wrote in Sanskrit. The oldest swastika symbol known to the world is 12,000 years old in Ukraine. There are none in India older than 6,000.


  3. You say oldest known swastik symbol – remember what you can dig does not mean it does not exist. There is no known archeology evidence of ram and still ? Of Krishna and almost gone Mayan evidence. So my friend as you must know that Mayans empire was destroyed by Spanish Christians and thus we lost evidence. Krishna was > 35000 yrs ago and ram was >170,000 yrs ago per Balmiki description of 4 tusk elephant and ram setu. Dinosaur existed 70 millions yes ago but we got to know just 100 yrs ago . Anything not dogged or found late does not make that history non existent. Recently it was found out that Moran jo Daro and harrapa are > 2000 yrs older than earlier we know so do not dwell only on archeology . Any way if you want to re establish already debunked aryan migration , bad luck as it is already been dismantled officially by American archeology association .


  4. Trava
    August 9, 2016

    That is a very good point. Just because something has not been dug up, does not mean it does not exist. Oddly enough in Slavic lands such as Siberia it is illegal to even excavate. But some of the findings people have come across are ancient, 37,000 year old human remains, Arkaim, Ect. I’m not here to argue superiority or origins with you. But keep in mind our culture is very ancient & there is no evidence that your people have ever been to our lands. Anyways, thank you for shedding light on Slavic culture & showing the similarities we share with you.


    • Thanks for checking by and highly appreciate input.


    • CKG
      September 29, 2016

      ”Our culture is very ancient”. It is and there is ample evidence of our people having not only been to these lands but having founded them itself. This is also R1a is considered to be the oldest in India itself ranging from at least 55000 years to as young as 6000 years.

      There is plenty of evidence of having others being to your lands. This ego-centrism of having a cognitive dissonance based force field needs to be done away with. There is certainly zero evidence of people being from Eastern Europe to India. More so the other way round. Even Russian scholars are starting to consider this.

      Minimum genetic input into India over at least 90000 years.

      Do keep in mind that there is no evidence of anyone else having arrived to our lands but in truth the opposite. Conjecture in the Western Ivy Leagues often follows the lethargy of simply not challenging what is continuing to be (which you are not going to accept as it is a matter which is more relevant to others) a form of racial and civilisational bias.

      The cunning thing which you posit here is another truth claim that ”no evidence of others having been here”. Do take note that using modern geographies and geopolitical landscapes to study how things were back then is highly inaccurate and unprofessional. Arkaim (which is a Sanskrith term and just because the term Arkaim which happens to be in your geography doesn’t mean you get to associate and Arkaim the language which its homogeneous to Bharath itself) is more closely situated and is being shown now as more of an extension of not the Andronovo culture but more of the Sarasvathi and Gangetic civilisations. Also since you without even knowing that R1a is actually not of East European origins (R1b is) but is of Indic origin you would like to subtly place your supremacy (without declaring of course so that others can softly accept that) as being the dispenser of ”civilisation”. Simply because of having an association with another language does not automatically allow you to consider the Imperial blindness of ”oh it has to be from us” thought. Also the aspect of having to consider something which is non-western as being responsible for your origins is quite unthinkable for many in the region (though they are starting to accept and appreciate). I needs to be understood and kept in mind that Indic Vedic civilisation is very old and there is absolutely zero evidence with all the studies having emerged that there has been no one from the steppes or anywhere else having ventured into India. However there is plenty of evidence which completely refutes your claim (by saying there is ”no evidence” is simply making an ego-centrist claim that no one ever moved into your land when there was clearly an Indic migration having founded a European based population over multiple migrations. This isn’t about any views. This is simply about the dispassionate truth. If there are so many similarities between the the two and it has officially been proven that there has been negligible input into India over the past 90000 years at least (unlike Eastern Europe having predominantly peoples from the India with R1a/R1a1/R1a1a J2/J2b and other haplotypes having founded populations and colonised Europe) then it is clear that Europe is by no means the donor and actually the recipient of Vedic culture of India. The Vedas speaks of nowhere outside the region but in fact an outwardly migration both east and west of the Sapta Sindhu region of India outwards. It is simply incorrect to keep positing about ”migration having never happened” when there is considerable connection in which the Indic one is more comprehensive and less eroded unlike the European ones whereby the further a culture expands from its source with the original roots being kept distant, the more diluted it becomes. It is becoming clearly evident multiple migrations tooks place from India to Europe. However inconvenient it may be.

      Yet another attempt to keep from truth is made in that excavations are ”not” allowed in Siberia. This is a shrewd lie as many excavations of archaeological sites of woolly mammoths and human remains have routinely been found in northern, southern and eastern Siberia. It isn’t very convenient to try and meander your way around this just because you may feel that there is stock in retaining your prejudice and biases in the belief that ”they are not allowing it so the debunked theories can still be held onto”. This is only more hypocrisy in by lying in order to not accept the truth. Try not to trick others into subscribing to questionable preferences.

      A LOT OF EXCAVATIONS ARE TAKING PLACE IN SIBERIA. It seems you are trying to reap from the scenario of the other to make up a point which is not true while trying to browbeat the case for which it is actually relevant for (India).



      Take note. EXCAVATION. Considering the amount of lies which are being run on (in which the Russians and others are in truth finally starting to acknowledge the Indic origin of the vast majority of the Indo-European peoples), there are no attempts to stop anything. Funding has in fact increased.

      Also try not to ignore Tuva, Kurgan, Andronovo and predominantly the Scythian, Turkic, Hunnic, Tartar, Mongol and medieval sites artifacts that are being found.

      However, for India, archaeology and investigations into the Indic civilisation is only now being given full sanctioned (which is what isn’t the case for Russia and other countries as it was mostly high in the first place). So it is a very good point. but it is the other way round which needs to be considered. These are only now taking off on a much larger scale in India now. Before it was very little. Now it’s more. Try not to shrewdly profit from other people’s points with the assumption that you can attempt to stretch and warp the reality to coerce others to believe you. Try not to mislead others (knowingly or unknowlingly) as it is not going to happen here.

      It is quite hypocritical that you give no reason (and it’s not due to environmental reasons) for explaining why what is happening, isn’t happening. Nice try.

      Being associated with a culture which you have no evidence of understanding, appreciating and knowing of the texts (both Slavic and Indic in which the Slavic texts both express that they have eastern and southern origins in which if you appreciated this then you wouldn’t be making such ethnocentric comments) and therefore not knowing the chronology and historiography of either shows that you have only to present hypocrisy and not want to know how a relationship could be there while no major migration in India had ever taken place yet believing the steppes and Eastern Europe have had no migrations as if some force field was prevalent (which is clearly incorrect). This shows the racial and and cultural bias there is even if you didn’t even mean it that way. This doesn’t give you any ”exclusivity” in any way.

      Indians are Indians and by extension, Europeans are Indo-Europeans. Hence the shared history.

      It seems that you haven’t appreciated from where age old human remains come from. Many of these are from India and from Afghanistan (Gandhar, Sogdiana and Margiana being in consonance with the Sarasvathi civilisation).

      No need for any confusion. Simply because an Indian posts such assumptions (on their blog with emerging from claims which contain a younger element of a much older chronology originating from India) doesn’t mean it has any authenticity. A relatively large portion of Indian posit these heterogeneou claims due to their inferiority complex. The cobwebs and misconceptions of the 19th and 20th centuries are only being cleared up now. Slavic nationalists are themselves beginning to appreciate that the Vedas and the Slavic peoples themselves who have much admiration for their motherland to the south originate from the land of Aryavarth. It is also important to take take into account and take cognisance that as a result of much required to be clarified (which it is hence the case for Bharath having emerged to be true dispelling doubts gradually in the process) there is still much to re-interpret and rectify the incorrections inflicted on Bharath’s historiography in which most of the European theories are in turn having to be debunked as a result of this. This also includes that of the recipients in the rest of Europe residually using (by force of habit) the malpractices and misinterpretations caused by those in Central and Western Europe. The correct interpretations and the reconstruction are only being undertaken now. Already much has been done to rectify what is correct and vanquish what is incorrect.

      This false invasion being disproven and the immigration being even less supportive it can only be concluded that only a full scale invasion could make this happen in which this is completely disproven as mostly European genes originate from the Indian genomes (the Out of Africa Theory has been significantly compromised) making them the most closely related group to the Europeans and there has been NEGLIGIBLE genetic input in India over at least the past 90000 years. It is a fact that the Vedas are older than all the other known texts and it is a known truth that it is the largest and oldest literary source thus far (which he hasn’t read and he is positing a belief as an assertion). The misnomers, distortions and the concealed truth which were not being realised with genetics, metallurgy, astrophysics, ancient texts, linguistics and all the other fields are only attesting to the inevitable. Moreover, only the Invasion which never happened could do this. Which he himself denied. The term Veda was widely used especially when multiple waves of Indo-Europeans migrated outward. Old European texts were clearly influenced if not were descended from the Vedic texts in its entirety for it is the epistemology used to denote the books of old lore which were inspired by or referred to be of significance. This clearly further asserts that not only is the Slavic texts have been said to have descended from the Bharath Hindu Vedas, but these are not complete texts as they are not replete with the entirety of the Vedic knowledge. This of course is avoided (at all costs but it is only being exposed) Needless to say something lacking evidence and veracity can be denied without anything to disprove yet there is all that is proven against it. The Slavic peoples are very joyous that they are the direct descendents of Hindu civilisation from Bharath after the Indians themselves who, after migrating out spread this far and wide.

      The Vedas were written in India and had the more diluted elements taken to Europe.


      Fellow Slavic children of India who originated from India and took the Vedas from India to the Slavic lands.

      Most of the folklores and ancient texts originates from or have been signficantly influenced Indic/Vedic civilisation after which this was taken to Europe via Central Asia. The exact opposite.

      The books of Veles attests to this that the Vedas originates from India. Also further proving that Triglav and the Vedic aspects are from India. Yet this is only being known fully now.

      Triglav originates from India. Serbian folklore being the oldest of all the Slavic groups and being the oldest in Europe attest to their racial origins being from India with Triglav in the Himalayas.

      Vedas means knowledge (more formal). What you are saying to confuse readers and believing misconceptions and coerce others into believing Eurocentric nationalism is nothing new and people (including Europeans themselves are waking up from this). It obviously would vaguely means”to know” as it originates from India itself. This is nothing new as Slavonic and other languages are younger and preserve elements originating from India despite considerably mutating from the original pure language.

      A sophisticated and advanced language such as Sanskrith was not ”transported” by peoples who were not technologically as advanced and having as much of a significant population as Bharath. This is clear. Small emigrations as per Indian standards would be huge according to Western standards in which entire populations from Arkaim to Iceland were founded. Multiple migrations ranging in a wide time span and scale in populating Europe took place.

      Eurocentric theories have considerable paucity as they cannot even answer these basic things. This reason being is due to the absolute complete opposite being true in which all the scholarly intellectual and scientific fields supports this that the Slavs (Serbs) originate from Bharath. Hence FRAWLEY’S PARADOX.

      You see Genetics, metallurgy, hydrology, astronomy/astrophysics, botany, anthropology, ancient texts and more prove that all the Tall Blue-Eyed Europeans originate from Bharath and Afghanisthan (Joined to India) and disproves all truth claims of redundant hyperborean theories.

      Showing relationship does not prove the origin from one side to the other. It is baseless since all the fields of study refute the truth claims posited by Ultra-euro centrists and their debunked theories.

      Swasthikas alone do not prove who the bearer of the Vedas is or not. As the Vedas and Sanskrtih are much more than a Svasthika. Also keeping all your stock in the age of a symbol is not so ideal since once one is found in another geography then it completely debunks your truth claims. Such theories are as good as debunked being so fragile. Might as well debate about the origins of triangles, ciricles or any other shapes or symbols to determine the origin of civilisation. This is not scholarship but hubris ridden dogma which doesn’t work out for the ego-centrists as it is going to be highlighted

      The 12000 year one is part of the Vinca culture in Bosnia not Ukraine.

      Even it if it 6000 years it comfortably disproves the Aryan theory completely. Doesn’t make a difference. In case it does there is some very inconvenient and disturbing news yet still for all the eurocentrics.

      The Svasthika is found to be over 35000 YEAR OLD in the CAVES OF BHIMBETKA. There are no svasthikas that are anywhere near that date in all of Europe thus far. This makes it the oldest svasthika on the planet. So far.

      Also it is not uncommon for the hyper arid north to keep things preserved from decaying (especially when kept in isolation). Such cases can be for Woolly Mammoths being found in Siberia. Finding this doesn’t mean all woolly mammoths originate from that exact geography where the particular mammoth was found simply on the basis of its presence there without even testing genetically. This impatient egoism shows that many are trying to be brash and attempting to delay the truth from being released.

      This is why all archaeologists (including those from Eastern Europe) refute/reject any baseless truth claims along the lines of linguistics, pseudo-scholarship and falsely misinterpreted archaeology. They completely reject these and for obvious reasons.

      You see the 111tslc 24a5 depigmentation gene as well as other phenotypes which have various Indians and most Europeans distinguished themselves as such originated from India. This phenotype is predominant in Europe primarily due to the climate and the particular selection processes in the region to preserve traits received from Bharath. From Aryavarth Bharath (The abode and the urheimat home of the Vedic Arya tribes who expanded out from India). Various other species adapted for the cold regions originate from Bharath. This can’t be denied. Tall fair skinned people in the northern and southern regions of Bharath with various other skin types proves the persistence as a result of increased maturation of Indo-European physical traits before venturing into Europe.

      Also another Euorcentric bit of egoism being debunked is that one culture writing in Sanskrith isn’t enough. What it has to say is also very important as most of the Slavonic texts point to an eastern origin. The Sanskrith texts in India use multiple scripts and speak of NO FOREIGN PRESENCE OR ORIGIN.

      By the way, mind you, Sanskrith is written in multiple scripts (also the Sarasvathi script which is being deciphered far quicker than what people believe). The youngest script to use this is Etruscan. There are hundreds of billions of words that are homogeneous to Sanskrith in which the language in both inflected and reflected. This is not in any other language. You know Sanskrith has deposited a huge but mutated reservoir of words which are very small in proportion to Sanskrith itself. Yet for nearly all the terms it has not been mutated. Also Sanskrith has much closer relations to all the languages of Europe (and more) than the languages do to one another. Hellenic, Italic, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic, Slavic and more have more in common in Sanskrith than they have to each other. Yet this is only becoming more and more evident as linguists, archaeologists, geneticists (which is predominantly supportive of the case for India also proving that for most of its antiquity there has been negligible input into the region but many, many more outflows Especially to Europe and Central Asia), scientists and more are becoming aware of this and are revising their old theories and a gradually discarding them. What is emerging is in complete support of the Indian Urheimat of the Indo-Europeans peoples, culture and civilisation as virtually all the evidence is coinciding with the multiple fields of study and ultimately the truth which is emerging because of it.

      The preservation of Sanskrith is only due to being in Bharath itself as it is disproven that it would have moved preserving all the terms (inherent and accumulated) without mutating. However, this is very, very true for all the Indo-European (and also non-Indo-European languages) as they contain elements which the neighbouring languages do not have whereas Sanskrith has all of them. This is also the case with culture and folklore where parts of Hindu/Sanathana Dharmic culture has been deposited in each of these cultures which partly resemble or do not resemble the each other at all but are in complete consonance with Sanskrith and emanating from the Hindu civilisation of Bharath. It was in its homogeneous and dynamic region of Bharath to begin and expand the most (this took time and not a short period of time).

      The Bharathi Hindu people appreciate and are thankful that the SLAVIC CHILDREN OF BHARATH appreciate the civilisation which they inherited (but had forsaken and forgotten it in which the Vedas and the Aryas were the strongest in their place of origin which had a critical mass unlike the hyper arid north).

      There is often time required for the truth to be emerge in which it is only a matter of time in which the case for India becomes accepted. The migration certainly did happen from Bharath to Europe. Slavic peoples are very fond of knowing that their roots are directly from India. Germanics moreso, the Latins (Italians and the Iberians), the Nordics and the Greeks are becoming increasingly fond of considering their origins from Bharath. The Croats are realising the that their origins are from Bharath as well (being from the Sarasvathi which in turn became Harakh Vaithi in Avestan as the ”S” cognate transformed into a ”H” just as with Sindhu being pronounced as Hindu). The Serbs are very much aware as being the oldest of all the Slavs (and being the preservers of the original name of Serb as Slav is a loan word) who were widespread throughout Europe.

      So that is debunked. Indo-European languages certainly have not originated from Anatolia, Kurgan or Arkaim (which is more of a branch of Indus-Sarasvathi culture as they did not have the critical mass to spread (if so affect other populations). Only India had the population to do this.


      The origin of Rod is from the Indian Sanskrith term of Rudra which in turn became Shiva. Yet Ziva forms part of Triglav which the Slavic (with Serbian and Slovenian being the oldest openly attest to being from India as per the literary records and folklore) tradition holds with the highest regard and every Slavic as well as other European cultures tate that Triglav originated from India (from Thrimurthi originally). Also another thing which virtually clears all doubt is that the Slavic God Veles (the God of Shepherds and a great SERPENT). A serpent in the Slavic tradition? Not many snakes in Europe. A borrowing it clearly shows. This bears resemblance to the Hindu (Vedic) Val, A Naag (Serpent) and regarded as an Asur (comprising of demonic deities who seek power through sinful and destructive means). With the blind ultra nationalist lenses removed what does this show? It shows that Veles is deified as a deity OPPOSITE TO THE VEDIC TRADITION. Any region upholding what the Vedas considers anathema to itself cannot be from the Vedas (especially when knowing the Vedas in India to be the actual source of association) and CANNOT BE FROM THAT REGION other than from Bharath itself.

      Another thing which eliminates the Hyperborean hype is the truth that the Vedas speak of NO FOREIGN LAND OF ”ORIGIN”. IT ONLY SPEAKS OF THE LOCAL GEOGRAPHY OF THE HIMALAYAS, THE SAPTA SINDHU REGION THE GANGA VALLEY AND REGIONS UPTO AND SOUTH OF THE VINDHYA MOUNTAINS as the origins of the Vedic Arya peoples. The only aspect of ”foreign” is the expulsion of the LOCAL tribes who were defeated in the Dasarajna conflict (battle of the ten kings) in which the tribe are all LOCAL and EXPELLED to FOREIGN LANDS. This also proves that blogs such as this posit theories based on what they needlessly theorise and show that not only do they not have any understanding of what is CLEARLY STATED IN THE TEXTS but it proves that they have NOT READ IT AT ALL. This is being rectified now.

      Also another thing which disproves the ”belief” of language movements in the case of Europe itself. Language movements are never symmetrical. This places the Eastern regions of Europe (and therefore all of Europe) out of this since they are right in the centre. The reason is because the regions were first of all hyper arid (unable to support large populations able to create and spread a language family) and also, another point which makes the case redundant, that is if all the languages spread from there then all Slavonic languages must also migrate from there. Yet they didn’t and if they did, there wouldn’t be any languages synonymous with the region being spoken there today. The only case in support of this is the migration of the Indo-European languages and elements of the Vedas itself from Bharath. This is clearly verified by the Europeans originating from India (on the most part that is).

      Slavic god Veles (god of shepherds and a great serpent), who bears a resemblance to Vedic Vala, a Hindu Naga (serpent) and Asura (mostly sinful and power-seeking deities) mentioned in Rig Veda over twenty times.

      The origin of Rod is from the Indian Sanskrith term of Rudra which in turn became Shiva. Yet Ziva forms part of Triglav which the Slavic (with Serbian and Slovenian being the oldest openly attest to being from India as per the literary records and folklore) tradition holds with the highest regard and every Slavic as well as other European cultures tate that Triglav originated from India (from Thrimurthi originally). Also another thing which virtually clears all doubt is that the Slavic God Veles (the God of Shepherds and a great SERPENT). A serpent is Slavic tradition. Not many snakes in Europe. A borrowing it clearly shows. This bears resemblance to the Hindu (Vedic) Val, A Naag (Serpent) and regarded as an Asur (comprising of demonic deities who seek power through sinful and destructive means). With the blind ultra nationalist lenses removed what does this show? It shows that Veles is deified as a deity OPPOSITE TO THE VEDIC TRADITION. Any region upholding what the Vedas considers anathema to itself cannot be from the Vedas (especially when knowing the Vedas in India to be the actual source of association) and CANNOT BE FROM THAT REGION other than from Bharath itself.

      Another thing which eliminates the Hyperborean hype is the truth that the Vedas speak of NO FOREIGN LAND OF ”ORIGIN”. IT ONLY SPEAKS OF THE LOCAL GEOGRAPHY OF THE HIMALAYAS, THE SAPTA SINDHU REGION THE GANGA VALLEY AND REGIONS UPTO AND SOUTH OF THE VINDHYA MOUNTAINS as the origins of the Vedic Arya peoples. The only aspect of ”foreign” is the expulsion of the LOCAL tribes who were defeated in the Dasarajna conflict (battle of the ten kings) in which the tribe are all LOCAL and EXPELLED to FOREIGN LANDS. This also proves that blogs such as this posit theories based on what they needlessly theorise and show that not only do they not have any understanding of what is CLEARLY STATED IN THE TEXTS but it proves that they have NOT READ IT AT ALL.

      Also another thing which disproves the ”belief” of language movements in the case of Europe itself. Language movements are never symmetrical. This places the Eastern regions of Europe (and therefore all of Europe) out of this since they are right in the centre. The reason is because the regions were first of all hyper arid (unable to support large populations able to create and spread a language family) and also, another point which makes the case redundant, that is if all the languages spread from there then all Slavonic languages must also migrate from there? Yet they didn’t and if they did, there wouldn’t be any languages synonymous with the region being spoken there today. The only case in support of this is the migration of the Indo-European languages and elements of the Vedas itself from Bharath. This is clearly verified by the Europeans originating from India (on the most part that is).

      Slavic god Veles (god of shepherds and a great serpent), who bears a resemblance to Vedic Vala, a Hindu Naga (serpent) and Asura (mostly sinful and power-seeking deities) mentioned in Rig Veda over twenty times.

      Also appreciate the origins of your obsessions. You’ll be able to discard them better.



      All the Vedic Arya peoples originate from Bharath.


      The inconvenient truth is shown in the book of Veles itself supporting the Serbian lore in which this will allow Europeans to appreciate their true origins. This is also supported amongst the Lithuanians and the Slovenians.

      It is quite intriguing that no ego-centrist knows of the Serbian folk tradition. The reason why the Serbian folk tradition is significant is because the Serbs were the largest and most widespread of all ethnic groups in Europe from which nearly all other ethnic groups emerged (except for the Finno-Ugrics, minority of Basques an others). Slav is a loan word. It is in truth Serb. With the Serbian folklore resides the oldest of all European cultures attesting their origins from India.

      Triglav is form the Hindu Thrimurthi. The folklore of the Serbs it explains it clearly.

      Here is one of the folk songs which tells the story about the Serbian exodus from India. The song is called “The saints are dividing the treasure” and in it Ognjena Marija (Fiery Mary) sister of St Petar, St Nicolas, St John, St Ilia and St Pantelija tells her brothers why she is crying:

      Al’ govori Blažena Marija:

      A moj brate, Gromovnik Ilija!

      Kako ne ću suze proljevati,

      Kad ja idem iz zemlje Inđije,

      Iz Inđije iz zemlje proklete?

      U Inđiji teško bezakonje:
      Ne poštuje mlađi starijega,
      Ne slušaju đeca roditelja;
      Roditelji porod pogazili,
      Crn im bio obraz na divanu
      Pred samijem Bogom istinijem!
      Kum svog kuma na sudove ćera,
      I dovede lažljive svjedoke
      I bez vjere i bez čiste duše,
      I oglobi kuma vjenčanoga,
      Vjenčanoga ili krštenoga;
      A brat brata na mejdan zaziva;
      Đever snasi o sramoti radi,
      A brat sestru sestrom ne doziva.

      Translated into English this means:

      …And kind Mary (Holy Mary) replies:
      O my brother, Thunder god Ilija
      how can i not cry
      when i am coming from country of India
      from India the accursed country.
      In India there is complete lawlessness:
      young are not respecting the old,
      children are not respecting parents,
      they have black cheeks before the god of truth,
      a godfather is betraying godson,
      brother is fighting brother,
      brother in law is sleeping with sister in law,
      and brother does not call his sister a sister…

      Serbian Song of the Serbians visiting and honoring Triglav/Thrimurthi

      Siva Živa siva silna,

      Siva silna golubice!

      da kuda si putovala?

      Odgovara Siva Živa

      Siva silna golubica:

      „Ja sam tamo putovala
      U Inđiju našu zemlju.
      Prolećela Hindušana
      I tu Globu Tartariju
      Crni Hinduš i Tartaru.
      Letila sam Gospodaru
      Našem silnom Triglav boru
      Te gledala što nam čini
      Što nam čini zapoveda.”
      Što činjaše naš gospodar,
      Naš gospodar Triglav velji,
      Naš Stvoritelj i Držitelj
      I veliki Umoritelj?
      Odgovori Siva Živa
      Bela silna golubica:
      „Naš gospodar lepo čini
      Trima kola u zučinje
      I četvrto zlato meri.
      Da pravimo zlatne čaše
      Zlatne čaše i srebrne
      Da molimo mladog Boga
      I Božića Svarožića
      Da nam dade svako dobro
      Ponajveće dugi život.
      Dugi život dobro zdravlje
      I bogatstvo što ga nosi.
      Božić poje po svu zemlju
      Ne boji se Hindušana
      Niti crnog Tatarana
      Ni goleme te pustare
      A proklete Globe crne
      Globe crne Tartarije,
      I te gadne Mandžurije.
      Slava mu je do nebesa,
      Do prestola Triglav Boga.
      Brada mu je do pojasa,
      Do pojasa sredi zemlje
      Srpske zemlje Raške svetle.
      Da se rode muška deca
      Ljuti vojni Davorovi
      Davorovi i Jarila

      Translated into English this means:

      …gray Živa, mighty gray,
      mighty gray dove!
      where did you travel?
      and gray Živa, mighty gray dove, answers:
      “I traveled all the way
      To India our country. – HOME OF TRIGLAV (THRIMURTHI)
      I flew over Hindustan
      And over Tatarstan
      Black Hindus and Tatarus.
      I flew to our Master – (over the Himalayas)
      Our mighty God Triglav
      And I watched what he was doing
      What he was doing and ordering.”
      What did our lord do
      Our master Great Triglav,
      Our Creator and Maintainer
      And Great Destroyer?
      Replies gray Živa,
      White mighty dove:
      “Our Lord is doing good…
      He is weighing gold
      for us to make the gold cups
      Gold and silver cups
      So we can pray to the young God
      Young God Svarožić (Winter solstice sun, baby sun, Dabog, the Giving god)
      To give us everything good
      Most of all long life.
      Long life good health
      And wealth that God Dabog carries with him.
      Young god Svarožić (Dabog) sings in all the land
      He is not afraid of Hindustan
      Neither is he afraid of black Tataria
      Nor the immense wasteland
      A bloody black Globa
      black Globa Tataria (I don’t know what Globa means, but it could be Gobi desert),
      And that nasty Manchuria.
      His Glory (Dabog’s) rises to the skies,
      All the way to the throne of God Triglav.
      His beard is down to his waist,
      To his waist which is in the center of the land
      The Serbian bright land of Ras.
      May it (Serbia, Ras) give birth to male children
      Great solders of Davor
      Of Davor (God of War) and of Yarilo (God o youth and war)…

      This may be inconvenient for Bharadvaj since he likes to quote by copy and pasting from this page and would then like to speak his diatribe of imposing his ad hominem ad nausium tactic.

      Cojectures based on assumptions won’t do anything. Also being influenced by the likes of eurocentrists won’t cut it. It is quite inconvenient that you can no longer feel ”foreign and videshi”

      An array of common words in Slavic and Sanskrith doesn’t make it ”foreign”. A typical mistake is to associate Indo-Europeans with language. Highly unprofessional and quite inferiority complex ridden. Finno-Ugric, Magyar and a high proportion of Catalonian are non-Indo-European yet they are spoken by Indo-Europeans.

      No need to be angry and ad hominem in a subtle manner. Simply learn Sanskrith and also learn 3 or 4 Indian languages such as Kannada (84% Sanskrith), Thamil (71% Sanskrith) and you’ll see Sanskrith in a different light. More than 40000 words in South India form part of the archaic elements of European languages. This might have rattled you’re pseudo-videshness hierarchal feel good ego. So by natural hypocrisy (logic since such AIT/AMT claims), you would probably think that Thamil would have to be foreign. Not that the opposite (which from genetics to linguistics, paleontology, botany to archaology). Sanskrith itself was formed through a combination of dialects in most regions of Bharath. Including the Vedic Sanskrith itself.

      Ever wondered that the Vedas speaks of cold regions yet within the geography of Bharath and outside it at all? Because there is the Himalayas. All so-called Indo-European speaking regions are familiar with cold climates not because they’re in the arctic (which simply because being cold doesn’t place it outside and keep the truth of the Europeans originating form Bharath) but because there are mountains. All the elements of the cold climates are familiar with Bharath yet, due to an inferioirty complex based ridden bias the same is not questionned about a landlocked people mentionnig Samudra (ocean) more than 100 times. Fortunately this has been highlighted. So the myth of the artic for an advanced civilisation to have plants growing where botany and farming is spoken of is completely debunked. The polestar theory has also been debunked as in order to NAVIGATE YOU NEED THE POLESTAR which the Sarasvathi people did. The oldest maritime tradition is in India. This completely debunks the hyperborean hype along with the dogmas of the sepoy stooges.

      Making uncivilised and shallow hit and run comments of an ”Aryan invasion/migration” certainly doen’t give you the right to keep out criticism (which is a common tactic to use especially when making a statement for a successful unrealistic theory which is not subject to falsification thus disproving itself altogether).

      Aryans never existed. It is the Arya tribes of the Sapta Sindhu who expanded from their regions.

      How can Aryans arrive in a place which you loath and wish you were never from when they never even existed?

      Because this is to create and romantically be part of a false history and be part (merely a tool) for the justification for a narrative of a peoples who have thrown away their real identity (of Indic origin) to a point where they are a peoples without a history.

      Simply because R1a is found in two places doesn’t mean that it has to by mandate have to be from a genetically young (having relative though not anywhere near as much as the genetic diversity as India for the same Haplogroups) from a place which has fewer ranges of subclades and also genomes that are much younger. It is much more the opposite. The vast majority of subclades (both young and old) are clearly proven to be from the Indian Vedic Arya peoples.

      ”So nowhere either in the religious scriptures or by tradition the word Arya denotes a race or language. To impose such a meaning on this epithet is an absolute intellectual dishonesty, deliberate falsification of the facts, and deceptive-scholarship. There are only four primary races, namely, Caucasian, the Mangolian, the Australians and the Negroid. Both the Aryans and Dravidians are related branches of the Caucasian race generally placed in the same Mediterranean sub-branch. The difference between the so-called Aryans of the north and the Dravidians of the south or other communities of Indian subcontinent is not a racial type. Biologically all are the same Caucasian type, only when closer to the equator the skin gets darker, and under the influence of constant heat the bodily frame tends to get a little smaller. And these differences can not be the basis of two altogether different races. Similar differences one can observe even more distinctly among the people of pure Caucasian white race of Europe. Caucasian can be of any color ranging from pure white to almost pure black, with every shade of brown in between. Similarly, the Mongolian race is not yellow. Many Chinese have skin whiter than many so-called Caucasians. Further, a recent landmark global study in population genetics by a team of internationally reputed scientists over 50 years (The History and Geography of Human Genes, by Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza, Princeton University Press) reveals that the people habitated in the Indian subcontinent and nearby including Europe, all belong to one single race of Caucasion type. According to this study, there is essentially, and has been no difference racially between north Indians and the so-called Dravidian South Indians. The racial composition has remained almost the same for millennia. This study also confirms that there is no race called as an Aryan race.” – Dr Dinesh Agarwal

      Funny with such gullible assurance you that the fake Aryans went to one place yet a magical special forcefield was in Europe which is believed that they never moved into there.

      Can genetics have haplotypes having special names carved on the blood of people by showing a visible tag saying who is an Aryan and who isn’t? Not at all. By that measure you might as well include the rest in south India as R2/R2a are an inclusive cluster that are in the same genetic family. This won’t bode well especially since by that measure R1b is found in Europe having developed from the much younger subclades of R1a yet it is not found in India. However, R1a from the oldest to the youngest is found indicating also a continuous development.

      Any excuses for so-called tribals, Brahmins, Kshathriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras having very high levels of R1a amongst themselves of varying ages? This very much gets in the way of false truth claims and beliefs. It is proven that most of them have autochthonous origins and had migrated outward.


      Since the Aryas originated from the Sapta Sindhu and no Slavic texts attests to the mythical Aryans yet they retained a racial memory of their origins from India and never in any region of India was their any input for over 90000 years in which the light skin genome of the 111tslc 24a5 depigmentation gene a well as the various phenotypes of eye and hair colours also having been proven to have originate in Bharath as well as Afghanistan (which was joined) then perhaps your direction is wrong Bharadvaj. This article is correct as according to both the Vedas and the Slavic folklore and the books of Veles they all attest the origins of the Vedic Arya poples and thus the Indo-Europeans to be from Bharath itslf. The Aryas are Hindus along with their Indo-European children. DNA findings that much more than just R1a (including R1a) is Indian and indicative of the migration of the Vedic Arya peoples from India to Europe. Having founded the populations in the first place.

      DNA findings have finally confirmed that the R1a, R1a1, R1a1a and R1a1b from India and is Arya. Also depigmentation occured first in this Haplotype. Yet various other hapotypes other than R1a have the depigmentation gene which happed in Europe. This therefore proves this infuence was transmitted into Europe as most Haplotypes needed the influence of such genomes of which the subclades which transmitted this are relatively medium to young in age in which it arrived at a time when many other haplotypes originating from the same geography had to have not only older but also the same subsclades which are of the same age and were responsible for transmitting this in Europe. This has aso been proven to have developed elsewhere. This being from Bharath. This was finally verified by Louis Cavalli Sforza of Princeton University. Very inconvenient for the privelage seeking foreign loyalists.

      DNA findings and analysis have finally confirmed that multiple haplotypes which were responsible to have founded most of the populations of Europe are from Bharath and is Vedic. This is supported also clearly by linguistics, archaeology, paleontology, metallurgy (metal implements found in Arkaim, Andronovo were Indian Vedic Arya), hydrology and more.

      The reason why a so-called ”attack” was placed on you was because he was simply responding to a baseless accusation and attack (with no understanding or backing) on the page which actually shows the part of the inconvenient truth that the Slavs are the oldest children of Bharath. See the East European languages and then you’ll see their Indic Sansksrithic derivation. It is very clear. This can also be seen in the movement of crops and domesticated animals which were transferred to Europe from India. The fertile crescent was a recipient of this. Wheat, barley and other vegetables were first harvest in Bharath. Its spread to Europe was only one of many having originated from Bharath. Also the European mouse is a desendent of the Indian mouse. This is indicative of another major migration from India and Europe more than 15000 years ago.


      The branches for the majority of the people of the European tree are relatively young. The majority of European based populations settled in Europe only after the spread of farming (from Bharath as it has been indicated as it has been started in the Neolithic revolution). This emanated from very few in a very short span of time attesting to the truth that a region such as India with a significantly large critical mass originates from India over multiple migrations in which the a small migration according to Indian standards would be enormous in foreign terms where the population and the popultions density is signficantly small. Europe, Central Asia and the Middle-East are examples of this.

      Your criticism was not a cirticism but an attack and a dictation yet this is not seen by you due to your belief that forcing what has already been and is being debunked multiple times over is ”necesary” when in truth the for the migrations Out of India (thus the origins from India) is being proven to be true in which this is proven in every field. Your privilege seeking biased ridden polarity which is baseless belongs elsewhere.

      This tells much much more as the Indo-Europeans (having such a fundamental and significantly core element of their culture emanating from India) certainly have genetics to prove that they were on a predominant scale from India.

      The old song of the Serbs called the Children of India. “From your tree a branch are we. We are too children of Hindustan, you do not know of Serbs, we know of you. We think of you, sing of you from Himalaya to Hindukush, with you is our heart and soul “.

      Also the Macedonians-Greeks declared that they were going to India to conquer the land of their ancestors. This would only be strongly held if there was a strong racial memory, which there was.

      The truth is finally being realised as the web of lies which were created on false assumptions are being debunked. In the process this is being found out that a multiple migrations tending opposite (emigrations from Bharath) have been proven to be correct. Scholars believing in the false theories of the fictitious Aryans are getting off the bandwagon and are increasingly accepts the case for India. The pseudo scholars who still subscribe to this debunked theory (who are reducing in number) out of which the case for expansions from India is only emerging still want to keep Indians feeling bad, apologetic and self loathing of themselves and of their civilisation (which created and significantly influenced all others) permanently which others attempted to claim as their own. They the majority wanted them to fell bad which they did, now this is phasing out and is being overturned. The truth of the Vedic Arya peoples originating form India is finally emerging.

      Indians are Indians and Europeans are by extension Indo-Europeans.

      You’ll understand and realise the truth in time.

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      • Trava
        September 29, 2016

        On behalf of the accusations of superiority & ego-centrism, I can not help but notice the blatant & condescending undertones in your writing. Could be projection considering you seem to possess these characteristics yourself. Referring to Slavic people as your “children” & you being of the prime stock. Aside from that you do present a great deal of information & knowledge in which I would much rather discuss, rather than tout racial superiority. I have read excerpts of planks from the “Book Of Veles” & I am very well aware of the portion that mentions that Slavs come from the “land of seven rivers beyond the sea”. That being the Indus river that branches out throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, China & India to the south (Nowhere does it mention a specific country). Also the fact that the “Book Of Veles” is written in a Sanskrit style language. I am well aware of the almost endless similarities between Slavic languages & Sanskrit. It is a fact that we have a common ancestor. Hence our geographical history, linguistics, & the fact that we share a common dna R1a. R1a is most prevalent in Poland, Belarus & Ukraine (In the west) & Northern India (in the east). These people share a common ancestor. People of southern India have primarily haplogroup H dna, not R1a (Mind you admixtures of R1a & H exist across India). If in fact Indian people are all one & went on to civilize & establish Europe, why do Europeans not possess haplogroup H, aside from the Romani gypsies who migrated from India around 1,000 years ago? Also there are many sub-groups of people who bear R1a outside of Slavic & Indian lands in Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, & Northwest China who share a lot of similar traits with Slavs in terms of hair/eye color, facial structure, Not so much Dravidian people of Southern India. I did to see that you took my claim of Siberian excavations & twisted it. Yes excavations have taken place with many significant findings (I even gave examples such as the Kostenki man) but are vastly declined.


  5. CKG
    October 4, 2016

    ”Not so much Dravidian people of Southern india”. Dravidians do not exist and nor do the fictitious ”Aryans” also the Sapta sindhu region is clearly mentioned as the region of the Sarasvathi region. Claiming that a plain blatant statement of trying to minimise the lack of evdience in trying to support you claims and highlighting the considerable errors in that isn’t ”twisting”.

    For obvious reasons. R1a has had much dynamic development. Both inside and outside of India. However. It has been thoroughly proven that R1a has the greatest range of homogeneous development ranging from young to the oldest in India (young subsclades and very young ones included). Also this myth of the ”Northwest of India” also needs tob e given up. It has a prevalence rate averaging over 70% throughout the entire country (being less in the south). R2 is in fact having more prevalence in the south which is very similar to R1a. Yet this will of course get in the way of the false ”Aryan Theory”.

    Also mind you, R1a resides in Tamil Nadu as well (has been observed to be in some parts to be over 40%). R1a spread in the south relatively early. This is also included at a higher prevalence rate in so-called ”tribal” populations in Central and Eastern India. R1a has a prevalence of over 88% in Bengal. So this Northwestern over emphasis needs to be done away with. In fact it has been found to have only relatively noticeable levels of R1a compared to many other and more Distant parts of the country.


    Simply because Haplogroup H is absent doesn’t mean other Haplogroups being more prevalent in India could not have made the migrations. This does not mean that it never happened. Geneticists know that J2/J2a/J2b originate from India. This doesn’t mean that ”nothing” moved out from India for the simple belief in H not moveing out. However, what isn’t noticed is that H did venture out. However, to Sumeria and and Southwest and southern Iran. These were found in specimens in the swamp areas of Iraq and during excavations in southwest and southern Iran. Most of the regions above the Vindhya Mountains contained a diverse range of haplogroups and subsclades which did expand out from India. The Sarasvathi civilisation included R1a, J2 and J2b. The Sarasvathi (as in the book of Veles having originated from the Saptasindhu) was clearly built by locals who clearly originate from the same region and has expanded outwards from there. Yet by Eurocentric belief it is not ”convenient” to connect the two. Logical fallacy. In many cases you have answered your own query. Since the Roma (after so much time where much more contact could have been established) do not have significant levels of H and migrated out only 800 – 1500 years ago over multiple migrations (from North and Central India not just a miniscule part that is northwest India which is endelssly overemphasised). This basically instantly shows that this would be even moreso going further back. It is very, very observable therefore. This is further supportive of the evidence that H is hardly ever found in the Sarasvathi sights whereas the various other haplogroups form over 80% of India are prevalent in the area clearly proving that the region has had complete genetic uniformity (as those existing today are directly descended from those in the region). They also consisted (though relatively) of various eye colours and hair colours. Skin variations were also prevalent ranging from light to tanned. This being entirely homogeneous. Essentially the case has been solved by observing the Roma itself who by at least this period should have had exposure to such inputs (yet they did not) and the genetic continuity of the Sarasvathi and Ganga regions. By that measure you could’ve mentioned why R2 and R2a and K are not found in Europe just because their in India? The Kalash being proven to be an Aboriginal/homogeneous group of Kashmir have Haplogroup K (shared only with Tamil Nadu predominantly). This causes considerable trouble if not overturns and reverses the gaze pertaining to the perception of cherry picking certain Haplotypes to justify an imagined ”Aryan” peoples. There are certainly Aryas. Not Aryans of Dravidians.

    ”Nowhere does it mention a specific country”. That being said, it doesn’t provide anything to bargain with by simply creating another way to avoid India. This doesn’t povide you with the convenience to keep everything hidden or ”avoided” from the fact that their origins are from the Sapta Sindhu region. It takes high perceptual skills, understanding and multidisciplinary skills to add all of the dots. Cross referencing is required not singular fragments of a text which hasn’t even been fully read (let alone all of it). As mentioned by the Book of Veles, Triglav is highly regarded. Serb folklore (as earlier mentioned) clearly considers Triglav to be from India and is in no way ambiguous about it. The Sarasvathi (Sapta Sindhu region) is clearly being referred to as the land of the Rivers which the books of Veles clearly highlights. Out of all the regions, the primary area where 7 rivers is the most prominant and also the most reverred and referred to by multiple peoples (including the Persians/Parshus tribe form India) saying that they originate from Haptahindu whereby the cognat ”S” mutates into an ”H” in Avestan and Persian such as Sindhu/Hindu, Sapta/Hapta, Asura/Ahura as well as others). The Zend Avesta also makes it even more clearer (than the Book of Veles) that they originate fromt the East past the Oxus where the Saptasindhu resides. This supported by the Serb (Slavic itself) folk tradition leave no doubt anthropologically as to where their origins reside. Clearly. Further, by the manner in which the book of Veles is written in and cross referenced, it makes it even more clear as to the clear and noticeable Indic origins. It is an inevitability.

    For that matter if the fake ”Aryans” civilised India (which others are finding out that it was an emigration) then why keep the Sarasvathi civilisation out of this? Why not claim that? This is because of the genetic and anthropological evidence proving time and time again that it is the emigration from India that was prevalent. Negligible genetic input into the region over the past 90000 years.

    That would be obvious for the simple fact that there are R1b and J2 admixtures in the Balkans for example. Does that make them a considerably different peoples and not too obsessively ”Aryan”? Not at all. For that matter perhaps you would not have noticed that amongst the most common Haplogroups in Southern India and in Kashmir is Haplogroup K (virtually absent everywhere else in India). Does this mean that Kashmiris are Dravids and Tamils are are not? No. It’s time that the Eurocentrics give up on the Aryan and Dravidian myth. It will do the subject some justice. This considerable overturns the invasion and migration theory which has belittled the urheimat civilisation form the 19th century until now.

    Also to think that various eye colours and hair colours exist in terms of so-called ”facial structure” eye colour and hair colour is simply on its own unable to suffice as various facial structures, eye colours and hair colours development in India and ventured out. More than 85% of Iranians ahve Indic origin.

    It seems you like to construe what is found now and assume that it has always been when in truth such effects also emerge from the Scythians and Sarmatians in Central Asia having settled in Iran. This also has to include other and more recent incursions as well.

    Mosth of the morphological traits which most of the Indo-Europeans inherited had already developed in India and the region which also makes it regarded as Akhand Bharath, Afghanistan as well. This simply breaks the myth of ”looks” alonein which nearly all the light skinned Indians (having the conventinoal 111tslc 24a5 depigmentation gene as does the tiger, mice, rabit, dog, wolf, cat and peacock equivalents also having developed in India with the various eye and fur/hair colour traits).

    This becomes even more prevalent considering that light skinned Indians (Yazidis and Nuristanis who are not of Iranian origin in which this is only now emerging in which this will take sometime) did colonise the region. Light skinned features having originated primarily between North and Central India upto SWAT valley and Gandhar.

    It is quite illogical to consider morphology the only benchmark. South Indians by that measure have more chisled features than those in the north. Yet it cannot simply be taken as ”North and South” in terms of considerable differences (that too not so entirely in antiquity).

    Yet as per the genetic evidence. It is clearly indicative in which way the movement was for the Indo-European peoples as being directly correlative to the domestication of animals. This primarily being sheep and cattle. R1a is common from very high to relatively low frequencies in all Indic speaking populations. Arable domestication and plant based domestication originate from North, Central, West (Mehrgarh, Sindhu, Jaislmehr/Rajasthan and Gujarat) and Northwest (Punjab, Haryana, SWAT Valley and others) India. Wheat and Barley are such exaples of this. Many, many other crops are inclusive of this. Animal domestication of the Horse (along with Spain), Elephant, sheep, goat, buffalo and the cow (Zebu cow) originate from India. Genetic evidence does not indicate in the slightest that any significant migrations from Europe into the region (which would have been anyway a second homecoming), but from India to Europe (in multiple major as well as minor migrations resulting in founding populations to emerge). Any migrations would have more to do with ancestors of the Slavs and the Slavs themselves from the pre-cereal era to the pastoral nomadic periods. This in all cases (throughout the entire time span) indicating a Indic migrations of the Ancestors of the Europeans from India to Europe over multiple waves.

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  6. CKG
    October 4, 2016

    Needless to say by any means. The Indo-European Languages certainly did not emerge form the Western block (Europe and Anatolia or from Central Asia and were even further from so-called ”civilising” others. More tending to the opposite in terms of direction. https://pparihar.com/2014/05/19/science-validates-vedic-history-2/


  7. CKG
    December 27, 2016

    Highlighting such characteristics isn’t possessing as a mere ”projection” but more critically, a mere reflection of the condescending and blatantly assumptive statements which you made. It is in truth a reflection of what you have shown. It is highlighting that. Also the claim about Haplotype H being prevalent only in India is but mere folly. Haplogroup H Also try your utmost to understand that Dravidian doesn’t exist. It does help with the fake race theories which you may attest to but it doesn’t exist as a race but a geography. Dravidians are also mostly quite chisle featured and are mostly so-called Caucasian themselves.
    Haplogroup H was highly evident (being paternal) and was Pan European and is also found in India. Far less in Central Asia and the Middle-east. Now you wouldn’t say the Fake Dravidians (since the term and the race does not exist) originated from Europe.

    ‘’The genetic lineage of Europe mysteriously transformed about 4,500 years ago, new research suggests.’’

    ‘’The findings, detailed today (April 23) in the journal Nature Communications, were drawn from several skeletons unearthed in central Europe that were up to 7,500 years old.’’

    ”To find out, Cooper and his colleagues analyzed mitochondrial DNA, which resides in the cells’ energy-making structures and is passed on through the maternal line, from 37 skeletal remains from Germany and two from Italy; the skeletons belonged to humans who lived in several different cultures that flourished between 7,500 and 2,500 years ago. The team looked a DNA specifically from a certain genetic group, called haplogroup h, which is found widely throughout Europe but is less common in East and Central Asia.”

    Also another case in point. Even if Haplogroup H was present, R1a and R1a1, R1a1a, R1a1b and more would have filtered from India into Eurasia due to predominents separation (at times it would be open) of the two regions (for the most part but not entirely) by the Vindhya mountains.

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  8. Stijn van den Hoven
    October 30, 2017

    I found slavic to be interesting and have even similarities with maya and egypt in form of Perun and Veles and definately saw a link. Please read my research paper. https://www.academia.edu/34955818/The_Makara_a_clear_link_between_South_American_and_Asian_Vedic_cultures


  9. Ivan Petryshyn
    March 30, 2018

    yes, the Ukrainian Kievan Rus is not enough? so, we need also India to prove our greatness?


  10. stéphane
    May 16, 2021

    or should it be: ” Slavic origin of Vedic culture” ?


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