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Vedic connection of eastern Asia

Vedic Connections : Ancient Vedic World – Eastern Asia Sarasvati Devi Outside India Historical & Cultural Ties between India & Thailand Vedic Thailand Lives on Vedic Culture in Vietnam Buddha … Continue reading

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Vedic connection of Ancient Europe

The Lion Man (Der Löwenmensch) Narasimha worshiped in Germany 30,000 years ago? The Celtic-Vedic Connection Irish Scholars: Irish and Indian the Same People Norse Universe The Story of Knowledge New … Continue reading

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Vedic connections of Ancient America before permanent occupation by Europeans

American swastika India’s Cultural Link with Ancient America Arun Chinchmalatpure Right from the period of first Spanish historian Mr. Fray Shahaun (1515 AD) till today a number of scholars have … Continue reading

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True story of Alexander west hiding

Rakesh Krishnan Simha  Alexander’s invasion of India is regarded as a huge Western victory against the disorganised East. But according to Marshal Gregory Zhukov, the largely Macedonian army suffered a … Continue reading

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Atom ,Parmanu per Bhagvat Puran

Dalton proposed a theory of Indivisibility of Atom, during 1808. 1911, Rutherford proved that the atoms consist of one more particle, whom he named Proton because it was positively charged. … Continue reading

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Vairagya-satakam-the-hundred-verses-on-renunciation-By Poet Bhartrihari

TRANSLATING: BHARTRIHARI-Part-1 Points Illustrated 1. Introduction to Sanskrit. 2. Using the Monier-Williams dictionary. 3. Getting at the meaning. Bhartrihari Little is known of Bhartrihari the man, {1} but he left … Continue reading

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