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Ghost ships navigating to Italian shores: This is how we send jihadis to Europe

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Bilva Dynasty Saka Era Of Hinduism Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the lands which have been most influenced by Sanatana Dharma. The earliest references to Indonesia are found in the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and…

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Ancient Indian Astronomy similarities with Mayan ,Inca, Egyptian,Ancient American Indian astronomy

This fascmile is from the Pancha-siddhantika (Five Principles) dated around the 5th century. This text graphically shows how eclipses are to be calculated. Thus this text foreshadows what Westeren Astronomers … Continue reading

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A 55,000-year-old partial skull verifies Men co-habited with Neanderthals

A 55,000-year-old partial skull found in the Middle East gives clues to when our ancestors left their African homeland, and strengthens theories that they co-habited with Neanderthals. Found in Manot … Continue reading

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POPOL VUH- Mayan history of Origin- coincide with Hinduism scriptures

Popol Vuh -narrative about the origins, traditions and history of the Quiché (K’iche’) Maya nation told by an anonymous Guatemalan Indian who produced the document between 1554 and l558. In … Continue reading

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Sandhyavandan Sapta Rishis In Islamic Tribe Yazidis

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The Yazidis in Kurdistan have their roots in Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism. The earliest reference to them is around  4 Century BC. Among the roots of their…

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Indian Tribes In China, Iran Central Asia, Greece

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There had been migrations in the world continuously. The Migration of people into Europe in waves coincides(?) with the Tsunami in Bharatvarsha, as India was then…

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Navaratri Is Rama Sita Festival,Shiva In Mexico

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Mexico was inhabited by the Aztecs before the Spanish occupation. The term Aztec might have its roots in Astika, meaning one who believes in the Authority…

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Hidden history of Muhammad’s image

Per memories of Muhammad book written by omid safi at director of Islamic studies at Duke University in North Carolina – see pictures down here. In Iran you can see … Continue reading

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Why I killed Gandhi- Godse was too late ,wish had been done 1930’s.

Gandhi, so called Mahatama was a islamist by his ideas as he grow up under clutches of Nehru. When he came from  South Africa, he did well for about 5 … Continue reading

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