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Time measuring machine(Yantra) by Bhaskaracharya

Time measuring machine(Yantra) by Bhaskaracharya in Siddhanta Shiromani (सिद्धांत शिरोमणी)

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Knight’s problem

The knight’s tour problem is the mathematical problem of finding a knight’s tour. Creating a program to find a knight’s tour is a common problem given to computer science students … Continue reading

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Powerboat in Mahabharat

There is a mention of powerboat in Mahabharata – सर्ववातसहां नावं यंत्रयुक्तां पताकिनीम् || A boat with engines & flags, capable of withstanding winds. “Sent by Vidura unto them, he … Continue reading

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Hinduism Origin of China

Regardless of the origins of the Chinese, the evidence reveals that ancient Chinese culture was Vedic in nature.The Vedic tradition has undoubtedly been best preserved in India yet the universality … Continue reading

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Infinity discovered by Ancient Indians

THE KNOWLEDGE OF INFINITY “Asmin vikara khahare na raasaavapi praveshteshvapi ni: srutheshu bahushvapi syaallaya srushtikaalenanthe chyuthe bhoothaganeshu yaddhath” || Nothing happens to the (huge number) infinity, when any number enters … Continue reading

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Sun Clock- 1400 years old Ancient Indian Clock

Sun Dial, a historical instrument shown in photo is the 1,400-year-old sun clock mounted on the 35-feet-high inner wall of Sivayoginathar temple at Thiruvisainallur, some 12 km from Kumbakonamin Thanjavur … Continue reading

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Mom is gone 

sad to share that my mom has left her earthly body at 330 am USA time. A new chapter for all of us. RIP.   

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Man with a miraculous healing touch

The Hindu : Man with a miraculous healing touch http://www.hindu.com/2000/08/08/stories/0408210o.htm Man with a miraculous healing touch By Vijaykumar Patil BELGAUM, AUG. 7. Not drugs — its miraculously the healing touch … Continue reading

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