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Nobel Laureate in Literature: “Europe will soon go under – The Muslims are flooding, occupying and destroying Europe”

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Hinduism and science

“The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious. It is the underlying principle of religion as well as all serious endeavor in … Continue reading

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Sri Guru Gita

Om shri gurubhyo namaha Bhagavan Swami Shri Lilashahaji Maharaj. ॥श्री गुरुगीता ॥ ॥श्री गुरुपादुका पञ्चकम्॥ ॐ नमो गुरुभ्यो गुरुपादुकाभ्यो नमः परेभ्यः परपादुकाभ्यः। आचार्य सिद्धेश्वर पादुकाभ्यो नमो नमः श्री गुरुपादुकाभ्यः॥ ऐङ्कार … Continue reading

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Bhatrihari Neeti Shatak

Neeti Shatak DIKKALA ADYA NAVACHINNANTA CHINMATRA MURTAYE SWANU BHUTYEKAMANAYA NAMAHA SHANTAYA TETASE| One can only experience the beatitude of that manifestation of knowledge, of that divine energy that is indecipherable, … Continue reading

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Jewels of Hinduism, Sanatan Dharma

Vedanta: Hinduism Quotes “Most humbly we bow to You, O Supreme Lord. At Your command moves the mighty wheel of time. You are eternal, and beyond eternity.” (Artharva Veda) ————– … Continue reading

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THE DHRUVA STAMBHA not Qutub Minar-Another Hindu structure damaged by islamist

THE DHRUVA STAMBHA विष्णुपदे गिरौ भगवतो विष्नोर्ध्वज: स्थापित: Viṣṇu-pada-giri- Viṣṇu is one of the three aspects of Brahma indicated by 2nd pāda of Gāyatrī-mantra. We cannot see the original creator, … Continue reading

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Ancient India and Mayan civilization

Ancient India and Mayan architecture similarity Maya Civilization of Mexico. Baffling Links with Ancient India  By Anand Sharma The archaeological remains of ancient Maya civilization of Mexico are lying scattered … Continue reading

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VEDIC AND EGYPTIAN DEITIES VEDIC AND EGYPTIAN DEITIES Amun-Ra was the Egyptian Sun-God. His name appears strikingly like the ancient Vedic Term for Indra, as ‘Idamdra’, from which Indra is … Continue reading

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Ancient World and its Vedic Connections

Ancient World and its Vedic Connections Excerpts from the book “Hindu Dharma” “Hindu Dharma” is a book which contains English translation of certain invaluable and engrossingspeeches of Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi … Continue reading

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Ancient Egypt’s Vaishnava Culture

Ancient Egypt’s Vaishnava Culture Ancient Egypt’s Vaishnava Culture BY VRINDAVAN DAS EDITORIAL, Aug 8 (VNN) — Los Angeles, CA – April 10, 2000 Recently, the Los Angeles County Museum of … Continue reading

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