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Vedic World and Hinduism in World

In India I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth, but not adhering to it. Inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything but possessed by … Continue reading

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High Heels Portable Mirror See through Skirt Ancient India

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History would like us o believe that Fashion is something the west introduced in India. They were supposed t have been introduced after the landing of…

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Mercury found in Pyramid of Mexico-Technology used by Ancient Indian aircraft

Finally Mercury was found in base of Pyramid in New Mexico. Why it is important and how much scientist could use it or misuse it. Ancient Indians made aeroplane that … Continue reading

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Micro-drilling Technology Ancient India Mahabalipuram

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A careful examination of the sculptures in Indian Temples and the Monuments built by Indian Kings reveal more about Indian way of Life and their scientific…

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Sudan and Africa rules By Kush(Rama’s Son) Pyramids of Sudan

The site, where Pyramids are in Sudan are almost as equal as to Egypt without visitors because po poor economy and politics in region called as the Island of Meroe … Continue reading

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How Vedas influenced & inspired Western Scientists like Heisenberg & Schrodinger

Recently Stupid Indian media was buzzing after a statement of Home minister Of India Mr Rajnath singh regarding Heisenberg’s theory and its roots in the Vedas. Let us look in … Continue reading

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Quote worth sharing ” Hinduism”

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CIA TROZAN Ford Foundation is under watchlist for Anti India Activity

It is same Ford company that funds NGO who blocks developmental project in all developing countries. It is same foundation that has many CIA active and it is a dark … Continue reading

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Islamic paradise (heaven) -a review

Islamic paradise (heaven) -a review It is reported that the daily newspapers today ISIS has murdered many innocent people, today the Taliban in Afghanistan or Pakistan have fired on innocent … Continue reading

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Namaskar, Namaste-Hindu way of greeting

NAMASKAR” Meaning and Benefits of Prostration to elders – Dhandavatha Pranam. Namaskar – Namaskaram literally means a salute; traditionally it is practiced from the childhood days, to train the children … Continue reading

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