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Audio Testimony of Islamic State Defector: ‘If You Turn Against ISIS or Try To Leave, They Will Kill You’

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New York City school goes vegetarian, student scores improve – Kaye Spector

Originally posted on BHARATA BHARATI:
“About 70 percent of the students at P.S. 244 have families with Asian or Indian roots; this veggie-friendly cultural background may have played a role…

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Navratri is all about Goddess SHAKTI destroying cosmic forces of disharmony . Goddess Shakti ( in Durga form ) is Ashtak or eight armed . How many of you know … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Muslim convert beheads female worker, had tried to convert colleagues to Islam

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Greek and Indian Cosmology: Review of Early History

Written by Dr Subhash Kak Greek and Indian traditions have profoundly influenced modern science. Geometry, physics, and biology of the Greeks; arithmetic, algebra, and grammar of the Indians; and astronomy, … Continue reading

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Hinduism/Buddhism in China, Tibet, Vietnam,Cambodia

    According to Professor Huang Xinchuan Department of Oriental Philosophy Institute of Philosophy Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 5, Jian Guo Men Nei Dajie Street Beijing , The religious … Continue reading

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Vedic Swastika in Chinese Ancient Pictograms

CHARACTER TIAN FOR “FIELD”, A CROSS WITHIN A SQUARE, INSIDE A SWASTIKA, REPEATED 4 TIMES MS in Chinese on red earthenware, Ganshu, China, ca. 2200-1800 BC, 1 funeral urn, h. … Continue reading

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4,000 Muslims in India Try to Stone PETA Members Wearing Vegetable Burqas Promoting Vegetarianism

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Sex Mad ISIS Fighters Raping ‘Thousands’ of Women to Populate New Caliphate

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Turkey continues to help ISIS jihadi’s reach Syria as fighter blog travel instructions

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