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How Mother Teresa became a saint – Christopher Hitchens

Originally posted on Bharata Bharati:
“Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She…

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Nineteen Feet Sleeping Rama

Originally posted on Ramani's blog:
It is very rare to see Lord Rama in a sleeping posture. I am aware that there is Rama in Dharpa Sayanam near Ramanathapuram,…

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Vedic cosmology from srimad bhagvatam

brahmakalpa.jpg// COSMOLOGY VEDAS INTERLINKS FOR WORLD PEACE// vedic_cosmology// Figure 7// The inverted cone of Mount Meru// Cycles of Time in Hinduism and Buddhism// Vedic-Agamic Cosmology, Tattvas and Chakras// … : … Continue reading

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Bhavishya Purana -Future Prediction

The Bhavishya Purana is an ancient text authored by Sri Vyasa Muni, the compiler of the Vedic texts. It is listed among the eighteen major Puranas. Bhavishya means “future” and … Continue reading

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Hanging Pillar of Lepaskshi in India

Hanging Pillar: Temple Complex Stands On The Pillar Located in the Anantapur district in southern Andhra Pradesh, the hanging Pillar of Lepakshi is a mystery indeed. Built in the 16th-century … Continue reading

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Sun temple of gujrat

Step well. Sun Temple. Modhera,gujrat … Constructed in 1026-27 A.D. during the reign of King Bhimdev I of Patan, the temple is dedicated to Surya or the Sun God. Although … Continue reading

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Treasures from Ancient India-Balasinor- Largest Dinosaurs fossil in World

Treasures from Ancient India How many of you have been spell-bound by the movie Jurassic Park ? Well guess what !! We have a Jurassic park of our own in … Continue reading

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Talpade was first discovered planes but stolen by Wright brothers.

  Talpade, with his plane (earlier than Wright Brothers) gave a demonstration flight on the Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai in the year 1895. The machine attained a height of about … Continue reading

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Download book of above here- The_Taj_Mahal_Is_A_Temple_Place

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Secrets of Vedas by Maharshi Aurobindo

Pl go to link to view the book. SECRET OF VEDA- BY MAHARSHI AUROBINDO

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