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IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD Eastern and western mythological and religious traditions agree that a Word,a primal sound, is the origin of the creation. The Bible says: “In the … Continue reading

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A translation of the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra (complete but lacking commentary)©2017 by Christopher Wallis aka Hareesh Introductory verse (maṅgala-śloka):“Shiva is also known as ‘Bhairava’ because He brings about the [initial awakening that … Continue reading

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Gorakhnath mantras

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Future Badrinath and God Narsimha of Joshimath connection

Badrinath finds mention in the first chapter of second skanda of ‘Skanda Purana’. The 57th shloka says, “The Ashram of lord Narayan was called ‘Muktipada’ in Satyuga, ‘Yogasiddha’ in Treta, … Continue reading

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Ayodhya and Ram in Atharved

Ayodhya founded by Manu, in Atharva Veda called City of the Gods, capital of solar dynasty and Ikshvakus, Sarayu great river in Rigveda. Ayodhyā (Hindi: अयोध्या) is an ancient city of … Continue reading

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Brahm Sutra -Part 3

Chapter IV, Phala-Adhyaya Section 1 In the Third Chapter, the Sadhanas or the means of knowledge relating to Para Vidya (higher knowledge) and Apara Vidya (lower knowledge) were discussed. The … Continue reading

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Brahm Sutra Part 2

Chapter III, Section 2 INTRODUCTION In the preceding Pada or Section the passage of the soul to different spheres and its return has been explained in order to create dispassion … Continue reading

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Brahm Sutra Part 1

ॐ॥ श्रिगणेशय नमः ॥॥ श्रिसद् गुरुपरमात्मने नमः ॥ Hari Om! Salutations to Sri Vyasa, the Avatara of Vishnu, the wise Badarayana and Sri Krishna Dvaipayana. Vedas consist of three portions … Continue reading

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Maharishi Kakbhusundi

Maharishi Kakabhusundi,,, No civilization or nation has behaved as ignorant as we have done with our ancestors, our history,,they call their pebbles as mountain and we do not miss telling … Continue reading

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चमत्कारिक मंदिर, जहां 7 दिनों में लकवाग्रस्त व्यक्ति हो जाता है

.राजस्थान का ऐसा चमत्कारिक मंदिर, जहां 7 दिनों में लकवाग्रस्त व्यक्ति हो जाता है ठीक, ये है यहां की मान्यता नागौर।देश में अन्य बीमारियों के साथ लकवा (Paralysis) रोग भी … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs are mentioned in Vedas, Puranas

We heard about Aghasur, was a huge reptile and that is what the dinosaurs are supposed to be. So therefore in the 8.4 million species that the Padma Purana talks … Continue reading

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