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Ten serious accusations against Mother Teresa – Adrian Asis

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It’s easy to dismiss the criticisms against Mother Teresa as the biased rantings of anti-Catholic skeptics who aim to discredit her. But perhaps, it is…

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Mother Teresa brainwashed Hindus and fuelled an insurgency, claim BJP leaders – Andrew Marszal

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Some in Kolkata resent that their city became a byword for poverty due to her work. –  Andrew Marszal Mother Teresa conspired to “brainwash” Hindus…

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Hindu Dharma needs to spread – Maria Wirth

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Many Christians turned atheists because they lost faith in “God”, but didn’t realize that there is a very different perspective of “God” possible which makes…

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Demystifying Tantra śāstras

Tantra is an integral component of Hinduism at a structural level just as hydrogen atoms are an integral component of a water molecule (H2O). The word Tantra to an average Indian … Continue reading

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God Ganesha in Japan 

Ganesha in Shingon Buddhism, Japan Ganesha worship was brought to Japan by early Buddhists through China. In Japan the Ganesha cult was first mentioned in AD 806.[20] Scholars commonly date … Continue reading

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The Mother Teresa Was No Saint

http://flip.it/1FYpQF Was Christianity – a made religion? Made by last king of Rome Mother Teresa was a moral monster, a sadistic religious fanatic guilty of medical malpractice. This Sunday, Pope … Continue reading

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Dark secret of Mother Teresa-Exposed

All saints are manufactured by religious organizations. Mother Teresa is no exception. Remember Bhopal tragedy? ( city in Madhya Pradesh state of India). It happened on 3rd December 1984 in … Continue reading

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Not Gandhi but Japan kicked out British from India

Mass desertions of loyal Indian soldiers to the Japanese-trained INA precipitated Britain’s withdrawal from India. On 15 November 1941, less than a month before Pearl Harbour, the Japanese leadership approved … Continue reading

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Education system in PreBritish India

Education system in Pre-British India (by Ram Swarup) Ancient India was celebrated for its learning all over civilized Asia and Europe. Metatheses (ca. 302 BC) was struck by the depth … Continue reading

September 3, 2016 · 5 Comments

Aryan Kingdoms in Ancient Myanmar/Burma

From prehistoric time Burma attracted various races from different directions. Kshatriya (Aryan) adventurers from India were the first group to give a civilization to this land; fertile plains of Irawadi … Continue reading

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