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Gravity in Surya- Siddhant

GRAVITATIONAL FIELD in Surya Siddhanta !!! This is a very important and serious issue. SURYA SIDDHANTA of Aryabhata [4000 years ago] discusses gravitational field clearly!! As we know, Newton discovered … Continue reading

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Who are we- evolution theory is myth.

Who are we? Hindus themselves are confused. They don’t know what their dharma teaches. If only they knew what the glory of sanatana dharma is, nobody would EVER look at … Continue reading

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Hindu means Dharm

ABOUT THE NAME “HINDU” THE NAME “HINDU” For hundreds of years we used the name Trivandrum. But Trivandrum had nothing to with Drum. It was Thiru [‘Sri’ in Tamil] Ananta … Continue reading

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Ancient India math

ANCIENT INDIAN MATHEMATICS and today’s mathematics 1. Multiplication: Ancient Indians just placed two letters side by side [ यक [“y” and “k” yk] = य x क 2. Division: same … Continue reading

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Aryabhat and value of Pi

ARYABHATA and the Value of Pi [∏] This is about the value of pi [∏], discovered by Âryabhata [3000 BCE]. Alberuni mentions that there could have been two Âryabhatas. If … Continue reading

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God Hanuman -Was not ape! Myth decoded.

Hanumān: Who was He? Hanumān is called “monkey god”. But was He a monkey really? It is important to think. Some thoughts. Even upto some 200 years ago, when there … Continue reading

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Rigved about sun

वन्दे परम ऋषिभ्यः . This is a Rig Vedic Mantra discovered by Rishi Dirghatama Auchitya. I am not guessing anything. Just providing word-for-word translation with Sāyanāchārya’s commentary. The Vedas, as … Continue reading

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Vishnu in Russia

Ancient Vishnu idol found in Russian town An ancient statue of Lord Vishnu has been found during excavation in an old village in Russia ‘s Volga region, raising questions about … Continue reading

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Kashmir- Kashyap Rishi

Kashyap – The Maker of Kashmir First of all Kashyap, through rigorous penance, built Kashmir. According to a story in Neelmat Purana the entire area of India remained under water … Continue reading

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Revenge of Panipat by Marathas

The revenge of Panipat (1771) ” To their Benefactors the Marathas are grateful, to their enemies relentless. If they are insulted they will risk their lives to avenge themselves.” Hiuen … Continue reading

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