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Kanada on gravitational


  1. Newton said that gravitation is a force [of attraction].
  2. Einstein said that gravitation is a field. That is, suppose you are in space. If there is nothing to pull or push you, you shall keep on moving up or down without any sensation of movement.
  3. When you come near some star or planet, you will be drawn towards it. Why? Einstein said space bends into the planet or star [curvature of spacetime]. It is “warp”. Ask four children to hold a cloth. Drop a heavy ball. What happens? The ball makes a dent in the cloth and the cloth bends. In this universe, all the stars and planets have created such bends in spacetime said Einstein, which is called the gravitational field. Theoretically okay.
  4. The net example and cloth example are okay on the earth to explain to children. But in infinite space, what is the material which bends? Is there any material to bend? If that material is there, it should be above, below, on all sides.
  5. I spoke to several professors of physics to know if there was any material. Two of them have made famous videos on gravity. They could not explain what is that net of Einstein in space. Did Einstein think of gravitational field like magnetic field?
  6. We have posted Kanâda’s laws of gravitation earlier. The 5.1 chapter of his Vaisheshika Sutra is a marvellous chapter about gravitation. Kanâda says, if there is NO pull or push of any sort, a body falls due to its inherent mass [gurutvât patanam, गुरुत्वात् पतनम् গুরুত্বাৎ পতনম ]. In vaccum, therefore, a heavy ball and feather FALL at the same time but they don’t fly. Kanâda WAS CORRECT. Kanâda says that if there is no internal or external force acting, there is neither upward or downward movement.[नोदन-विशेषाभावात् न ऊर्ध्वम् न तिर्यग्-गमनम्।]
  7. Kanâda gives the example of a pestle. When the pestle comes back up, the woman’s hands also come up just because of her contact with the pestle. Action and Reaction are equal and opposite, says Kanâda. So Kanâda says, gravity is a sort of samskara, inherent in objects. For instance, the sideways momentum of the earth. He also gives the example of a sleeping man falling down. [প্রযত্নাভাবে সুপ্তস্যা পুরুষস্য পতনম ]
    Kanâda needs serious study.

Swami sunirmalanad of ramkrishn order in Holland

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