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Hinduism Fifty Thousand Years Old Rig Veda

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? The first Human Literature of th world, The Rig Veda of the Hindu’s is dated around 5000 BC ? It refers to River…

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Shivaji saved Saved Hinduism during Auragzeb era when Jai Singh 1, was with Muslim.

”Shivaji was the greatest Hindu king that India had produced within the last thousand years; one who was the very incarnation of lord Siva, about whom prophecies were given out … Continue reading

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African Religion Hinduism Similarities

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I was surprised at the limited and sanitized version of Religion in Africa. ? The impact, the subsequent colonization and the effort of Islam…

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Saudi Arabia Vedic, Vikramaditya’s Kingdom

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Many lands and its people have forgotten their History. ? Most of the histories of the Ancient Civilizations were either destroyed or doctored by…

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The Vedas and the Birth of Science

The Vedic texts present a tripartite and recursive view of the physical world. The universe is viewed as three regions of earth, space, and sky which in the human being … Continue reading

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Christians and Hindus, Buddhist should make a defense pact to save from Jihadi islamist.

Christians and Hindus, Buddhist should make a defense pact to save from Jihadi islamist. Islamist are like Mushroom everywhere. Time has come now for non muslim religion to make a … Continue reading

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Five companies owned by Vadra made… money transfers and huge investments with DLF Group. Read Economic Times- DLF did Rs 446 crore deals with Robert Vadra in 50:50 hotel venture. … Continue reading

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AAP’s hidden anti-Hindu agenda

Long an academic in the United States and well-known on the capital’s ‘secular circuit’, Rajmohan Gandhi has never been known for links with ‘Hindu’ causes, yet he was twice handpicked … Continue reading

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2G Scam,Manmohan Singh Knew all.- PMO Documents/Video.

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Correspondence between the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh‘s Office (PMO) and Private Secretary seems to indicate that the PM knew of 2 G  License allocation details which the…

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