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Saudi Arabia Vedic, Vikramaditya’s Kingdom

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Many lands and its people have forgotten their History.

Most of the histories of the Ancient Civilizations were either destroyed or doctored by the British to suit their Political aspirations and for the spreading

of Christianity.

Saudi Arabia a part of Hindu Kingdom.Image Credit;http://www.volker-doormann.org/ On the roof of the Maqam Ibrahim near the Ka’bah in ‘Al Haram’ the Symbol of the ascending and Crescent Moon is still present

Starting from Africa,, Vikings.Pagans, Romans, Polynesian Islands, you would find that the ancient history of these people are either lost or at best very hazy.

Muslims did not lag behind in this quest for colonization and zeal to spread their Religion, Islam.

Recently I found that the traces of the ancient Religion of the Africans have been erased and you would find absolutely no information on their Religion

excepting about Christianity and Islam.

What little is known of the Great African Religion is doctored and is subject to some…

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