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Hinduism Fifty Thousand Years Old Rig Veda

For people who are still cocoon trying to hide in veil of falsehood,open eyes.


The first Human Literature of th world, The Rig Veda of the Hindu’s is dated around 5000 BC

It refers to River Sarasvati which flowed once in India and joined the Arabian Sea.

Satellite  images have confirmed that river Sarasvati existed and there have research papers stating that a Civilization flourished on the banks of the River Sarasvati.

Hidden History of Huamn Race Hidden Archaeology Book By Cremo

Please read my posts on this.

Now there are research papers quoting the Rig Veda , and the recent archaeological  evidence , state that there existed another River from the Himalayas

joining the Arabian Sea.

And there were urban settlements , numbering around 800!

And the same research also states that The RigVeda has also been speaking of this Land mass’ culture.

And adds that the Hindus lived even 50, 000 years ago practicing Sanatana Dharma.

So, the scientists noticed that it
appeared to be older…

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