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Hinduism and science

Professor Arthur Holmes (1895-1965) geologist, professor at the University of Durham. He writes regarding the age of the earth in his great book, The Age of Earth (1913) as follows:”Long … Continue reading

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Cosmos and ancient Indian scripture

In Hinduism, the philosophy of dharma is extensively described in hundreds of scriptures and in the writing of our Jagadgurus and great Saints. “The Cosmic wisdom contained in Bhagvat Gita … Continue reading

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Orbits of Planets per Sribhagvatam

The Orbits of the Planets Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 5 Chapter 22: ‘The Orbits of the Planets’ text 1 to text 17 by His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada In … Continue reading

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Theory of Atom per Rigveda

Dalton proposed a theory of Indivisibility of Atom, during 1808. 1911, Rutherford proved that the atoms consist of one more particle, whom he named Proton because it was positively charged. … Continue reading

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  The Universe is Only A Fraction of Brahman : =========== Brahman Transcends The Universe =========== सभूमिं विश्वतो वर्त्वात्यतिष्ठद दशाङगुलम || ……. ऋग्वेद १०.९०.१ ” Enveloping the earth from all … Continue reading

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Ancient Indian Cosmology

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon June 2011 from ExopoliticsJournal Website Spanish version About the Author Come Carpentier De Gourdon is currently the Convener of the Editorial Board of the World … Continue reading

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by Dennis Overbye New York Times May 22, 2001 from TomCoyner Website Recovered through WayBackmachine website What was God doing before he created the world? The philosopher and writer (and … Continue reading

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108 number and its significance

Not only Hinduism, number 108 has its profound significance in Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism, all of which are offshoot religions of Hinduism. Japanese monk’s rings their temple bells 108 times … Continue reading

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The Concept Of Infinity In Sanatan Dharma :

The Concept Of Infinity In Sanatan Dharma : God is infinite. But let us have a clear understanding of the meaning of this word infinite ; and use it in … Continue reading

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Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men of ASHOKA

The oldest “Secret Society” on earth, The NINE UNKNOWN MEN also known as NUM, founded by Ashoka the Greatest of all Emperors, an old Indian ruler ca. 269 BCE to … Continue reading

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