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Hinduism and science

  1. Professor Arthur Holmes (1895-1965) geologist, professor at the University of Durham. He writes regarding the age of the earth in his great book, The Age of Earth (1913) as follows:”Long before it became a scientific aspiration to estimate the age of the earth, many elaborate systems of the world chronology had been devised by the sages of antiquity. The most remarkable of these occult time-scales is that of the ancient Hindus, whose astonishing concept of the Earth’s duration has been traced back to Manusmriti, a sacred book.”

    When the Hindu calculation of the present age of the earth and the expanding universe could make Professor Holmes so astonished, the precision with which the Hindu calculation regarding the age of the entire Universe was made would make any man spellbound.

    “Opposed to these ideas of a definite beginning were the more abstract conceptions of Indian philosophers, who regarded
    Time and the Earth as eternal. To determine the age of the earth, or to express the actual problem with more accuracy, to measure the duration of geological time, became a definite scientific aspiration only during the last century.
    The ultimate purpose of Geology is essentially to elucidate the history of the earth, a record of which is imperfectly written in the stratified and igneous rocks to which access is possible. ” Source:https://archive.org/details/ageofearth00holmuoft


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