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stupid religions.

so going to mecca is ? going to mosque is? wait which islam is he talking about the one with an ayotollah or the one with Khalifa,mufti etc. Or are we talking about Shia,Sunni,Sufi,Ahamadiyya, Quranist, Yazdanism, Karaimism, Wahabi??? going… to ajmer dargah is??(blood soaked history) Which christanity he talks about I wonder….. Jesus never set up a church as a building, but peter did. Which church or flavor they refer to Alexendria, Antioch, Constantipole, Jerusalem or Rome. All of them except Rome was overrun by Islam. So now we have Russian orthodox church, Protestant church, roman church and 100 more churches set up by individuals. Thus which christianity he is talking about???? http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Shiva-worship-not-a-religious-act-income-tax-tribunal-says/articleshow/18996617.cmsSee More

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