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Ancient India math

ANCIENT INDIAN MATHEMATICS and today’s mathematics 1. Multiplication: Ancient Indians just placed two letters side by side [ यक [“y” and “k” yk] = य x क 2. Division: same … Continue reading

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BBC Documentary Proves Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk Named Issa Who Spent 16+ Years In India & Tibet and buried in India

Source This video reveals Jesus was a preacher known as Jesus Buddhist Monk. What we are told about Jesus was a lie that he was crucified. Rather he travelled for … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Hinduism

In the Vedic literature of India,there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called Vimanas. India’s national epic, The Mahabharata, is a poem of vast length and complexity. … Continue reading

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Indian Mythological Inventions

Indian Mythological Inventions The resilience of ancient decades has blown away, still many of us consider the golden age of “once upon a time’ as a very significant period in … Continue reading

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Arab world copied Ancient Indian math and science

Arab world and ancient Indian Knowledge of Science and mathematics ********************* The book al-Kitab al-mukhtasar fi hisab al-jabr wa’l-muqabala meaning The Condensed Book of Calculation by Restoration and Comparison was … Continue reading

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Bakhshali Manuscript – Ancient Indian mathematical manuscript on math

The Bakhshali Manuscript is an Ancient Indian mathematical manuscript written on “birch bark” which was found near the village of Bakhshali in 1881 in what was then the North-West Frontier … Continue reading

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Indian numerical system > millions years old

These numbers have been described by Sugreev to Raam while giving the count of his military power. Some say about this that “Sugreev meant that innumerable monkeys were coming”; while … Continue reading

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World’s first inscription of “ZERO” found

Search for the world’s first zero leads to the home of Angkor Wat The first recorded zero has been rediscovered on a stone tablet deep in the Cambodian jungle – … Continue reading

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Surya Siddhanta, 2 Million Years old Book is First on Astronomy

suryasiddhant-Aryabhatt. Surya Siddhanta is the first among the traditions or doctrines (siddhanta) in archaeo-astronomy of the Vedic era. Infact, it is the oldest ever book in world which describes earth … Continue reading

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Ancient sanskrit ‘Nimisha’ itself means ‘blink of an eye’ and that Nimisharda is used to represent how far light travels in half of the blink of an eye i.e. ‘within … Continue reading

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