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Fat Lipid Cholesterol Causes Heart Attack Lie

It is USA’S multinational propaganda.

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You would find even an illiterate advising you that fat causes heart attack.

Media Channels are awash with advertisements screaming at you about the danger of fat.

It would settle in the arteries to the heart and cause Heart Attack.

Many people nowadays live as a Goat eating only leaves as an effort to control fat.

You have food products, Drinks that claim to reduce fats.

There are Slimming centers which scare you and claim that they help you reduce Fat and thus reducing the chances of a Heart Attack.

One such organisation recently sponsored one kilo Gold to the winner of a Reality Show!

They resort to Lipo suction.

Heat Attack.Image.gif. Heat Attack.

My cousin brother’s daughter( 43) the next morning after this treatment.

She had no other ailments excepting the fact that she was Obese.

Just how true is this story of fat causing Heat Attack?

If excessive fat  settles…

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