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Indus Valley Inscriptions Written In Tamil

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Thee have been several approaches to understand the Indus Valley script.

Understanding Indus Valley Script.Imge.jpg. Understanding Indus Valley Script.

After trying out a multilingual approach, it is now evident that the best approach to decipher the Indus Valley scripts is through Tamil, a language of Great antiquity which it shares with Sanskrit.

Please read m post Million eras old Tamil quotes Vedas, the quote Tamil.

Despite repeated concerted attempts to divide Indians and Hinduism b bringing in , now disproved , Aryan Invasion Theory, facts come to light.

Even in the paper , from which I am posting excerpts,the author tries gamely to trace the Tamil language to Sahara, then from there to Iran.

What he missed out is Iran was  apart of Bharatavarsha and kandhara, present Kandahar, was the birth place of Gandhari, wifre of Dhritharashtra, mother  of the Kauravas of  Mahabharata.

So compelling is the evidence that he is forced to…

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