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Saudi Arabia drops oil prices to force down U.S. shale gas production – and weaken American economy

The Muslim Issue

Financial Jihad. But it won’t last. The sooner they return to their tents, camels and goats the better for everyone.

Saudi oil supplies are drying up and is bound to push them into the poor house in the coming decades. The Saudi’s have lied about the volume of their oil supplies for years, while America has now surpassed Saudi oil production and taken a lead position to become the world’s largest oil producer. This is a desperation move from Saudi’s – the world’s biggest Jihad operators.

World economic recession is another reason for falling oil prices. And one of the main reason for the enormous depression from 2008 which has seen no full recovery yet is the irrational free trade agreements with China that killed of production all across the Western world. Like a drug addict, the West has now become dependent on cheap, poor quality trinkets and copies from…

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This entry was posted on December 2, 2014 by in HINDUISM SCIENCE.

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