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Hinduism Kings Gods In King List Sumeria


I have posted an article that Lord Rama and Bharata’s names are found in the Kings List of Sumerians chronicling their Kings.

Not only Rama and Bharata, but the names of other Hindu Puranic figures find a place in the Kings List.

The Names found are,

Sumerian Kings, Chronological order,Kings List.jpg Sumerian Kings, Chronological order,Kings List.

Indra,Pururavas,Dasaratha,Parashurama,Satyavrata,Iksvahu,Kakusha,Janaka,Vasishta, Janamejaya,Dushyanta(Father of Bharata,after whom India is named as Bharatavarsha),Rishis Gautama,Dundhu,,Muchukunda,Drupada,Harischandra,Sagara,Bhagiratha, Lava, Kusha(Rama’s sons),Aja and Raghu(Rama’s ancestors),Pundarika,

Curious enough ‘ all of them belong to Solar Dynasty mentioned in Puranas.

“Waddell’s primary chronology was compiled from various Sumerian king lists, Egyptian list of pharaohs, the Bhagavata Purana, Mahabharata, Rigveda and numerous Indus Valley Civilization seals and other monuments and relics and sources, some of which he had deciphered himself.[2] It was entitled “Dated Chronological List of Sumerian or Early Aryan Kings from the Rise of Civilization to the Kassi Dynasty” and documented an alleged list of world emperors…

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One comment on “Hinduism Kings Gods In King List Sumeria

  1. shiva prakash
    November 4, 2022

    The screenshot of the kings list is hardly readable. please upload a screenshot with a better readability.


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