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Narendra Modi: India’s salesman-in-chief

Future prediction–20 years for Modi Ji of India is already predicted to make India a PEACEFUL WORD POWER.

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Sri Haridas Thakur

Sri Haridas Thakur had a handsome form with all aristocratic features. Highly intellectual, he won all debates in Sanskrit and philosophy. Yet, he never lost his temper. In his youth, … Continue reading

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India points out areas of ‘concern’ in US’ human rights record – IANS

Originally posted on BHARATA BHARATI:
“India made a few recommendations, including that the US ‘may consider establishing a national human rights institution.’” – IANS As violence continues in Baltimore in…

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Boat refugees: Illegal Rohingya Muslims clash and stab, hang and throw each other overboard

Effect of Q book showing black days for humanity.

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Giants on earth

There Were Giants on the Earth (From Various Scources) In the Joseph Smith translation of Genesis 6:4 it says “And in those days there were Giants on the earth and … Continue reading

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Modern science failed to answer these Ancient Architectures

1. THE ENIGMA OF THE ASHOKA PILLAR A testimony to ancient metallurgical skills in Delhi, India is called the Ashoka Pillar. Standing over 23 feet, it averages 16 inches in … Continue reading

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The False Front Temporal anomalies are scattered throughout the world — things that could not possibly belong to the time period in which they were found. Evidence exists of human … Continue reading

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Yantras- Ancient Indian Machines

from AtributeToHinduism Website The word “yantra” is derived from the root yam, to control, and has been freely used in ancient India for any contrivance. Mechanical skills had produced in … Continue reading

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Hari-Vishnu inscription found at Babri Mosque

Hari-Vishnu inscription found at Babri Mosque ————————————– There are archeological evidence that two Rama temples stood at the Ayodha site, and history suggests that both were destroyed by Muslims invaders. … Continue reading

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Demolition of Bindu-Madhav Temple by Aurangzeb

Demolition of Bindu-Madhav Temple by Aurangzeb ——————————– On the left of the image is the farman, in persian issued by Aurangzeb to demolish Bindu-Madhav Temple.On the right is the mosque … Continue reading

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