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India points out areas of ‘concern’ in US’ human rights record – IANS

Usa stands quite for human rights in Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar etc and make noise for nations who wants to protect themselves. USA is not a good country for people living out of USA. It is a country where blacks are treated differently and still like animals as you see white police personals are shooting black like animals.


Ajit Kumar“India made a few recommendations, including that the US ‘may consider establishing a national human rights institution.'” – IANS

As violence continues in Baltimore in the US following the custodial death of a black man, India has pointed out areas of “concern” regarding the US’ human rights record, including “deficiencies in law enforcement procedures and disproportionate use of force”.

In a statement, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN at GenevaAjit Kumar acknowledged the “openness of the US delegation in accepting areas of continuing concern such as racial bias in the criminal justice system, incidents of bias-motivated crimes, including those committed against Hindus and Sikhs, and need for safety and living conditions at confinement facilities”.

India made a few recommendations, including that the US “may consider establishing a national human rights institution”.

Flag of the United Nations“We encourage the US Government to take adequate steps towards gender parity at workplace, protect women…

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