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Boat refugees: Illegal Rohingya Muslims clash and stab, hang and throw each other overboard

Effect of Q book showing black days for humanity.

The Muslim Issue

If you have ever worked in third world countries, you will know what theatre the people can put on to rob you blind or try and get what they need out of you. Generally, people in real need don’t even seek help or try their best to resolve their issues by their own. The loud and theatrical ones tend to be career beggars.

Good for the Burmese government to stand their ground.The right thing to do is to refuse them entry, bring them some food, guide their ship back to Bangladesh (they may try to kill you half way and show you their true colors). Burma finally spoke up and honestly declared that Rohingya’s are illegals and don’t originate from or have legal entitlement to live in Burma. Rohingya’s are Bangladesh infiltrates.

Is no one asking the question why the-now Muslim run UN demands that non-Muslim countries must take in…

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