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Man with a miraculous healing touch

The Hindu : Man with a miraculous healing touch
Man with a miraculous healing touch
By Vijaykumar Patil
BELGAUM, AUG. 7. Not drugs — its miraculously the healing touch of Mr. Mohan Joshi that provides wonderful solution to several chronic health problems that have found no permanent remedy in modern health sciences.
“It has come naturally to me, but I do not have any scientific explanation as to how it works, I only know that I carry within me a strong healing power which I use in curing various chronic diseases,” is how Mr. Joshi explains this almost supernatural phenomenon. He quotes a reputed gynecologist from Mumbai who had said that there are a few individuals, who carry in them an additional “charge” (the energy or power) that can be used for healing purposes.
The 50-year-old unpretentious Mr. Joshi from Akola has made the entire country his home. He started experimenting with his spiritual powers 18-years ago. He is an arts graduate and a former bank employee and has now dedicated himself to his new avocation, not for money or fame, but to use his powers to serve the needy for no selfish gain.
It all started when an astrologer told him that he had a rare power which he could use for healing and giving succor to the people suffering from various physical and psychological ailments. He did not believe the astrologer and was afraid of being ridiculed. Yet, when he revealed this jocularly to a close friend who had complained of pain, and as (he thought) there was no harm involved in the process, his friend asked him to try and cure him with his powers. The pain was caused apparently by abnormal growth of the ganglia. The maiden experiment worked miraculously, and his friend had no more pain. After 11 months, his friend said the ganglion growth had diminished.
Thereafter, he started trying his powers on other patients free of cost. Every time his confidence increased. So much so that he now has no hesitation to call himself a “spiritual healer” with powers to cure diseases for which modern science is no help.
Quoting from Atharva Veda, Mr. Joshi says India is the origin of spiritual powers which can be used to heal or cure diseases by applying the fingertips on the body of the patient. It can be applied even while other systems of therapy are being used. “Healing is of divine origin and transcends from one person to another where the healer is a medium through whom the care is passed to the patient in whom receptivity is awakened, and his or her diseases are healed in the process.”
One can easily verify his claims. To make one feel the highly- charged condition of the body, he can feel a considerable amount of heat emitted from his hands even if he holds them at a distance from one’s face. If he places his palms on a person’s back, he or she can feel the “charge” transcend and traverse a circular path that provides relief, at least, for a few moments initially. However, the entire treatment is a process in itself which requires repeated sittings.
He clarifies that there may not be spectacular or instant results although dramatic changes can be experienced in just one sitting spread over a few minutes. Improvement comes progressively in days, weeks and sometimes months depending on the nature of the disease, and also the receptivity of the patient. Changes for the better involve two dimensions: Firstly, the specific malady for which healing is sought and secondly, total well being of the patient spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Thus, the cure is preventive in nature.
Not all patients are curable, yet the success rate is nearly 80 per cent. To cite a few examples, the well-known industrialist Mr.Dhirubhai Ambani, has benefited from him. The Major Irrigation Minister, Mr. H.K.Patil, is another. Then there are many eminent persons including the dramatist, Mr. Suresh Khare. Hew claims that so far, he has treated more than one lakh patients throughout the country, at least 80 per cent of them successfully. Healing is highly effective in blood pressure, asthama, arthritis, sciatica, muscular pain, slipped disc, spine disorders, swelling, paralysis, neurological disorders, heart problems (he successfully treated a young patient who had a hole in his heart), etc. It cannot work against nature yet, one may help in seeking some relief but not a cure. “Interestingly, people approach me as a last resort with diseases or illness which I have never heard, still they stand benefitted,” he said.
The Faculty of Medical Studies, Medicina Alternativa Institute affiliated to the Open International University for Complementary Medicines conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) in Colombo in December 1996.
“If you ask me, my own health problems have been automatically cured when I started healing others. I do not have any bad habit, I do not even eat “supari.” In fact, I am a non-believer, but I know there are powers beyond reasoning that work wonders it is for the scientists to explain how the phenomenon of healing flows from one body to the other.”
“I do not know the cause and effect of healing; what I know is that people are cured by my touch. I touch and pray and it works without any diagnosis. I will co-operate with scientists if they also do research on this subject.”
He can be contacted at his address 302 SANTOOR LOKPURAM THANE WEST tel 7506262009 ,9321112144,
website – http://www.healmohan.org , email – healmohan@yahoo.co.in

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