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Vedas As ‘Perun’s Vedas Santees’ In Russia

A reader posed an interesting question.
‘Are there oral traditions of the Vedas, Puranas and Ithihasa in other countries as Sanatana Dharma was present throughout the world”
I replied that I have written that there is a Catur Veda in Bali and I shall be exploring the subject.
Considering the finds in Russia relating to Sanatana Dharma I have searched Russian literature and pre-Christian texts of Russia.
And I struck gold!
There is a Veda in Russia and it is called„Perun’s Vedas Santees ‘


8 comments on “Vedas As ‘Perun’s Vedas Santees’ In Russia

  1. lovingterra
    September 28, 2015

    my freinds, Vedas are originated in Russia. Vedat – literally means in plain russian TO KNOW not from the books but by experience. Who brought Vedas to India? White tall people with blue yes from North. Those were ancient russians. And there is big movement in Russia to go back to the roots, discover our ancient teachings – Vedas. And we (russians and all slavs) are grateful to India for preserving these teachings for all humanity (or what left from them and which were not adulterated by Catholics). Perun is one of ancient russian Gods (perun word means fire). Also there are other Gods like Veles, Yar, Makosh, Mara and more.
    Auroveda, for example, means to know aura. Ancient aurovedic people could see auras and determine the right course of treatment if a person is sick.


    • Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
      September 28, 2015

      Get together now , as it does not matter where materials is from but truth in it . If you indulge in material source fight, well you are in clutches of false got and get defeated as what is happening.


  2. lovingterra
    September 28, 2015

    by the way, sunscrit is written in ancient russian, for examle word ‘sunscrit’ has derived from two russian words: sam skrit – meaning hidden himself, or the language has hidden meaning. Here is not bad article on similarity of sunscrit and russian:


    • Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
      September 28, 2015

      India and Russia are brothers ,separated by land. Time to unite together.


      • CKG
        September 26, 2016

        Sanathana Dharram and Hinduism. This isn’t a question, but more of a post to assert an unfounded claim. This site is against the false AIT/AMT. Hence since the Aryan Migration isn’t true (disproven) then nor is the need for this post which can sow confusion and discord. Especially when the reader seems to have not read the Vedas and appreciating that the Vedic Aryas are from Bharath and that the Vedas (especially the Rig Veda which is in truth local as well as all the other Vedas were written in the Saptasindhu region itself).

        The reader also believes in the false and debunked Hyperborean Theory in which the they belief in the debunked scenario of the false/fictitious Aryan immigrants wrote the Vedas which is clearly not true for it has been proven that the Vedas were written in Bharath itself. The matters of conjecture are unfounded as various elements of the Vedas were exported from Bharath to the rest planet and especially Central Asia and Europe.

        It would be recommended if this site can maintain its clarity and its appreciation of the truth rather than provide posts which support discredited theories and take in down. It would be much appreciated if the management would do what is correct rather than spread genuinely inconclusive and superficial/incorrect information in the name of ”democracy” and ”freedom of speech”. The Dharmic texts are predominantly homogeneous.


      • Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
        September 26, 2016

        Great discussion are need of democracy and seeker finds the truth by igniting thoughts and research in history.


  3. CKG
    September 26, 2016

    Needless to say lovingterra, this is incorrect on the belief that the Rig Veda was written in the so-called ‘’Arctic Region’’ believing that such a lie can be propagated and damage caused on the false notion that the so-called ‘’Aryans’’ entered into India (typical false Aryan migration theory Stockholm syndrome emanating from a pseudo logic that simply because other regions were mentioned they had to be written outside when this is incorrect since this is based more on experiential knowledge of such regions being mentioned having been founded/colonised by Bharath) and that the polestar can be ‘’seen in the north’’ when this is completely disproven when the polestar could be see (in antiquity and pre-antiquity) in any region above the equator (including Bharath and most habitable lands). The proof of the polestar being clearly observable and first being observed in Bharath (as also acknowledged by astronomers and astrophysicists) is clearly highlighted in the report on Scribd proving that 2 foreigners deliberately concealed the truth of the polestar being known to Aryavarth Bharath before the others from the rest and a German who had already proven it but did not have the entirety of the information which the opposition misusing had. The Maya descendents (professing that their ancestors lived 150 days west of the Yucatan) also observed the polestar. This is yet further proof that the Hyperborean theory is false and Euro Centrically based on false fantasies which have been built upon the nepotism of attempting to usurp the civilisation(s) of others (of their ancestors that is in foreign lands) and use it to misappropriate by inventing an antiquity for a people who virtually have no history that is, themselves (while at the same time not revealing the true antiquity of their origins which is from Bharath thus neglecting themselves from their true identity). This virtually takes care of the misconceptive (and often racially biased) notion of the fake Aryans (Arya originates from the 5 tribes of the Saptasindhu in which two tribes migrated out after being expelled in which they settled in Europe) as hyperborean theory heavily (virtually solely) relies on the single theory based on clear bias and paucity. The Pole Star Theory. This has now been completely and clearly debunked proving that the polestar was clearly observable anywhere above the equator.

    No need for any confusion. Simply because an Indian posts such assumptions (on their blog with emerging from claims which contain a younger element of a much older chronology originating from India) doesn’t mean it has any authenticity. A relatively large portion of Indian posit these heterogeneou claims due to their inferiority complex. The cobwebs and misconceptions of the 19th and 20th centuries are only being cleared up now. Slavic nationalists are themselves beginning to appreciate that the Vedas and the Slavic peoples themselves who have much admiration for their motherland to the south originate from the land of Aryavarth. It is also important to take take into account and take cognisance that as a result of much required to be clarified (which it is hence the case for Bharath having emerged to be true dispelling doubts gradually in the process) there is still much to re-interpret and rectify the incorrections inflicted on Bharath’s historiography in which most of the European theories are in turn having to be debunked as a result of this. This also includes that of the recipients in the rest of Europe residually using (by force of habit) the malpractices and misinterpretations caused by those in Central and Western Europe. The correct interpretations and the reconstruction are only being undertaken now. Already much has been done to rectify what is correct and vanquish what is incorrect.

    One additional aspect to this is that Ramani refers to this as ”bringing” and not an ”invasion”. However with the false invasion being disproven and the immigration being even less supportive it can only be concluded that only a full scale invasion could make this happen in which this is completely disproven as mostly European genes originate from the Indian genomes (the Out of Africa Theory has been significantly compromised) making them the most closely related group to the Europeans and there has been NEGLIGIBLE genetic input in India over at least the past 90000 years. This is clarified in which Ramani says that ”this was turned into an invasion changing affecting history”. This is disproven on the fact that the Vedas are older than the Perun Vedas Santees (which he hasn’t read and he is positing a belief as an assertion). By saying this it is considered that the patch is being filled in which it is not being realised that with genetics, metallurgy, astrophysics, ancient texts (including the Perun Vedas Santees), linguistics and all the other fields do not approve of it. Moreover, only the Invasion which never happened could do this. Which he himself denied. The term Veda was widely used especially when multiple waves of Indo-Europeans migrated outward. The Perun Vedas is not necessarily a Vedic text in its entirety for it is the epistemology used to denote the books of old lore which were inspired by or referred to be of significance. This clearly further asserts that not only is the Perun Vedas Santees descended from the Bharath Hindu Vedas, but it isn’t a complete Vedic text at all since it is not replete with the entirety of the Vedic knowledge. This of course is avoided (at all costs but it is only being exposed) Needless to say something lacking evidence and veracity can be denied without anything to disprove yet there is all that is proven against it. The Slavic peoples are very joyous that they are the direct descendents of Hindu civilisation from Bharath after the Indians themselves who, after migrating out spread this far and wide.

    The Vedas were written in India and had the more diluted elements taken to Europe.

    Fellow Slavic children of India who originated from India and took the Vedas from India to the Slavic lands.

    First things first: The Perun Vedas Santees originates from the Rig Veda and the prior Vedas in India in India after which this culture was taken from India to Europe.

    The books of Veles attests to this that the Vedas originates from India. Also further proving that Triglav and the Vedic aspects are from India. Yet this is only being known fully now.

    Triglav originates from India. Serbian folklore being the oldest of all the Slavic groups and being the oldest in Europe attest to their racial origins being from India with Triglav in the Himalayas.

    Vedas means knowledge (more formal). What you are saying to confuse readers and believing misconceptions and coerce others into believing Eurocentric nationalism is nothing new and people (including Europeans themselves are waking up from this). It obviously would vaguely mean ”to know” as it originates from India itself. This is nothing new as Slavonic and other languages are younger and preserve elements originating from India despite considerably mutating from the original pure language.

    A sophisticated and advanced language such as Sanskrith was not ”transported” by peoples who were not technologically as advanced and having as much of a significant population as Bharath. This is clear. Small emigrations as per Indian standards would be huge according to Western standards in which entire populations from Arkaim to Iceland were founded. Multiple migrations ranging in a wide time span and scale in populating Europe took place.

    Eurocentric theories have considerable paucity as they cannot even answer these basic things. This reason being is due to the absolute complete opposite being true in which all the scholarly intellectual and scientific fields supports this that the Slavs (Serbs) originate from Bharath. Hence Frawley’s Paradox.

    Also appreciate the origins of your obsessions. You’ll be able to discard them better.


    Want to know who wrote the Vedas?

    Indian Hindus of Bharath.

    Want to know who brought the Vedas and the younger Perun Vedas Santees to Europe? Medium to tall Fair and tanned skinned Indians. You see the 111tslc 24a5 depigmentation gene as well as other phenotypes which have various Indians and most Europeans distinguished themselves as such originated from India. This phenotype is predominant in Europe primarily due to the climate and the particular selection processes in the region to preserve traits received from Bharath. From Aryavarth Bharath (The abode and the urheimat home of the Vedic Arya tribes who expanded out from India). Various other species adapted for the cold regions originate from Bharath. This can’t be denied. Tall fair skinned people in the northern and southern regions of Bharath with various other skin types proves the persistence as a result of increased maturation of Indo-European physical traits before venturing into Europe.

    You see Genetics, metallurgy, hydrology, astronomy/astrophysics, botany, anthropology, ancient texts and more prove that all the Tall Blue-Eyed Europeans originate from Bharath and Afghanisthan (Joined to India) and disproves all truth claims of redundant hyperborean theories.

    Showing relationship does not prove the origin from one side to the other. It is baseless since all the fields of study refute the truth claims posited by Ultra-euro centrists and their debunked theories.

    By the way, mind you, Sanskrith is written in multiple scripts (also the Sarasvathi script which is being deciphered far quicker than what people believe). The youngest script to use this is Etruscan. There are hundreds of billions of words that are homogeneous to Sanskrith in which the language in both inflected and reflected. This is not in any other language. You know Sanskrith has deposited a huge but mutated reservoir of words which are very small in proportion to Sanskrith itself. Also Sanskrith has much closer relations to all the languages of Europe (and more) than the languages do to one another. Hellenic, Italic, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic, Slavic and more have more in common in Sanskrith than they have to each other. Yet this is only becoming more and more evident as linguists, archaeologists, geneticists (which is predominantly supportive of the case for India also proving that for most of its antiquity there has been negligible input into the region but many, many more outflows Especially to Europe and Central Asia), scientists and more are becoming aware of this and are revising their old theories and a gradually discarding them. What is emerging is in complete support of the Indian Urheimat of the Indo-Europeans peoples, culture and civilisation as virtually all the evidence is coinciding with the multiple fields of study and ultimately the truth which is emerging because of it.

    The preservation of Sanskrith is only due to being in Bharath itself as it is disproven that it would have moved preserving all the terms (inherent and accumulated) without mutating. However, this is very, very true for all the Indo-European (and also non-Indo-European languages) as they contain elements which the neighbouring languages do not have whereas Sanskrith has all of them. This is also the case with culture and folklore where parts of Hindu/Sanathana Dharmic culture has been deposited in each of these cultures which partly resemble or do not resemble the each other at all but are in complete consonance with Sanskrith and emanating from the Hindu civilisation of Bharath. It was in its homogeneous and dynamic region of Bharath to begin and expand the most (this took time and not a short period of time).

    The Bharathi Hindu people appreciate and are thankful that the SLAVIC CHILDREN OF BHARATH appreciate the civilisation which they inherited (but had forsaken and forgotten it in which the Vedas and the Aryas were the strongest in their place of origin which had a critical mass unlike the hyper arid north).

    There is often time required for the truth to be emerge in which it is only a matter of time in which the case for India becomes accepted. The migration certainly did happen from Bharath to Europe. Slavic peoples are very fond of knowing that their roots are directly from India. Germanics moreso, the Latins (Italians and the Iberians), the Nordics and the Greeks are becoming increasingly fond of considering their origins from Bharath. The Croats are realising the that their origins are from Bharath as well (being from the Sarasvathi which in turn became Harakh Vaithi in Avestan as the ”S” cognate transformed into a ”H” just as with Sindhu being pronounced as Hindu). The Serbs are very much aware as being the oldest of all the Slavs (and being the preservers of the original name of Serb as Slav is a loan word) who were widespread throughout Europe.

    ”Here is not a bad article on Sanskrith” I’ll give you one:


    The origin of Rod is from the Indian Sanskrith term of Rudra which in turn became Shiva. Yet Ziva forms part of Triglav which the Slavic (with Serbian and Slovenian being the oldest openly attest to being from India as per the literary records and folklore) tradition holds with the highest regard and every Slavic as well as other European cultures tate that Triglav originated from India (from Thrimurthi originally). Also another thing which virtually clears all doubt is that the Slavic God Veles (the God of Shepherds and a great SERPENT). A serpent is Slavic tradition. Not many snakes in Europe. A borrowing it clearly shows. This bears resemblance to the Hindu (Vedic) Val, A Naag (Serpent) and regarded as an Asur (comprising of demonic deities who seek power through sinful and destructive means). With the blind ultra nationalist lenses removed what does this show? It shows that Veles is deified as a deity OPPOSITE TO THE VEDIC TRADITION. Any region upholding what the Vedas considers anathema to itself cannot be from the Vedas (especially when knowing the Vedas in India to be the actual source of association) and CANNOT BE FROM THAT REGION other than from Bharath itself.

    Another thing which eliminates the Hyperborean hype is the truth that the Vedas speak of NO FOREIGN LAND OF ”ORIGIN”. IT ONLY SPEAKS OF THE LOCAL GEOGRAPHY OF THE HIMALAYAS, THE SAPTA SINDHU REGION THE GANGA VALLEY AND REGIONS UPTO AND SOUTH OF THE VINDHYA MOUNTAINS as the origins of the Vedic Arya peoples. The only aspect of ”foreign” is the expulsion of the LOCAL tribes who were defeated in the Dasarajna conflict (battle of the ten kings) in which the tribe are all LOCAL and EXPELLED to FOREIGN LANDS. This also proves that blogs such as this posit theories based on what they needlessly theorise and show that not only do they not have any understanding of what is CLEARLY STATED IN THE TEXTS but it proves that they have NOT READ IT AT ALL.

    Also another thing which disproves the ”belief” of language movements in the case of Europe itself. Language movements are never symmetrical. This places the Eastern regions of Europe (and therefore all of Europe) out of this since they are right in the centre. The reason is because the regions were first of all hyper arid (unable to support large populations able to create and spread a language family) and also, another point which makes the case redundant, that is if all the languages spread from there then all Slavonic languages must also migrate from there? Yet they didn’t and if they did, there wouldn’t be any languages synonymous with the region being spoken there today. The only case in support of this is the migration of the Indo-European languages and elements of the Vedas itself from Bharath. This is clearly verified by the Europeans originating from India (on the most part that is).

    Slavic god Veles (god of shepherds and a great serpent), who bears a resemblance to Vedic Vala, a Hindu Naga (serpent) and Asura (mostly sinful and power-seeking deities) mentioned in Rig Veda over twenty times.

    All the Vedic Arya peoples originate from Bharath.

    The inconvenient truth is shown by Veles himself supporting the Serbian lore in which this will allow Europeans to appreciate their true origins. This is also supported amongst the Lithuanians and the Slovenians.

    The old song of the Serbs called the Children of India. “From your tree a branch are we. We are too children of Hindustan, you do not know of Serbs, we know of you. We think of you, sing of you from Himalaya to Hindukush, with you is our heart and soul “.

    You’ll understand and realise the truth in time.

    Indians are Indians and by extension, Europeans are Indo-Europeans.


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