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Link of West Africa,Mayan and Tamil

Cameroonians Speak Tamil
This video establishes the fact that one of the tribes of the west African nation, speak Tamil, using the Videos by NOVA.

In this video, for the first time, we have explained the origin of the name “Berber” of a tribe of people who speak Tamazight language. It is a north African language spoken by Moroco, Algeria & Libya people.

Berber means “Dry Land” people and word origin is Tamil Varavara, which is an adjective meaning Dry in Tamil. Our conclusion is proven right from the fact that Tinfinagh script of the Tamazight language is a derivative of Indus script which again is a Ancient Tamil Script.

Tamazight also sounds like Tamil. The fact that Cameroonians, situated close to Algeria, speak deformed dialect of Tamil, strengthens our conclusion that all the African languages including Tamazight, were derived from ancient Tamil.

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