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Taimur Lang was killed by Hindu warrior- Jograj Singh-unsung heroes of India.


Jograj Singh pawar (Resharing)

Do you know taimur lang was badly defeated in India?

Taimur Lang / Lame (great grand father of later invader of India Babur, who is considered forefather of moghuls – this lineage is called Timurid dynasty) had killed over 17 million or 5% of world population and had destroyed / conquered many countries and civilizations of the times already (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, etc), when he set his eyes on the greatest prize i.e. the world’s richest sub continent of Bharata in 1398 AD and decided to invade / plunder / fight holy war against this country. He had made to Delhi (thus destroying its ruling Tuglaq dynasty of the times) and had started to commit mass genocide (some records speak of daily killing of more than 100,000 + captives, including women and children – mountains of skulls were made of these hapless locals).

On hearing of this invasion and genocide, a private army was raised from UP, Haryana, etc to fight these ruthless murdering invaders. A panchayat was called under Gurjar Raja of Meerut and a private (voluntary) army from entire UP, Haryana, etc was raised

Jograj Singh Pawar was chosen Supreme Commander General of this army – he was a famous fierce accomplished great warrior of the times. He was 7 feet, 9 inches tall, and weighed 8 maunds (approx 320 kgs)

Main Army Generals, 1) Dhula Bhangi ( Valmiki) (2) Harbir Singh Gulia (Jat), were chosen.

Other Generals of this army were :

1) Gaje Singh Jat Gatwala, 2) Tuhiram Rajput, 3) Nedha Rawa, 4) Sarju Brahmin, 5) Umra Taga (Tyagi), and 6) Durjanpal Ahir.

The deputy generals were :

1) Kundan Jat, 2) Dhari Gadariya, who was a Dhari, 3) Bhondhu Saini, 4) Hulla Nai 5) Bhana Julaha ( Harijan) 6) Aman Singh Pundir, rajput 7) Nathu Pardar, rajput 8.) Dhulla ( Dhandi) Jat, who would lead raids from Hissar, to Dadri, to Multan.9) Mamchand Gurjar 10) Phalwa Kahaar.

Assistant generals : 20 assistant’s generals were chosen from the various jatis (castes).

Rampyari Chauhan, (Original Gurjar) was chosen to lead the regiment of the 40,000 strong women army.

(only 5 generals / dy generals which included Jograj Singh Pawar from above (he went on to form Jhabera kingdom thereafter), eventually survived the fierce, long & hard bloody war with Taimur Lang’s battle hardy army).

The hero Bard: the Eminent Scholar Poet Chandrabhutt (Bhat) was chosen as the official Bard. He wrote an eye witness account of the war with Taimur.


‘ Viroh (Heroes), reflect on the sermon given by Lord Krishna to Arjun in the Gita. For us the door to heaven (moksha) has been opened. That moksha, which the Rishi Munis achieve by doing Yoga, the hero warriors achieve by sacrificing their lives on the battlefield. Save the nation, that is – sacrifice yourselves, the world will honor you. You have chosen me leader. To my last breath I will not withdraw. I salute the Panchayat, and take oath that until my last breath I will defend the soil of Bharat. Our nation has been shaken by the crimes and attacks of Timur. Warriors arise and do not delay. Fight the enemy army and throw them out of the nation.”

On hearing this speech, a wave of heroism ran through the assembly. 80, 000 warriors and 40,000 maiden warriors kissed their swords and took an oath, ‘ O General, while we breathe we will obey your orders, and sacrifice our lives for our country’.

Dhula Bhangi the first General, was a resident of the Village of Hansi, near Hissar. He was a strong and powerful brave warrior. An expert in guerilla warfare, a great raider, his weight was Approx. 160 kilograms. On being chosen as general, he gave a speech, ” In my life I have made many raids. your giving me respect has made my blood boil. I take a vow before all the warriors, that I will spill my blood for the defense of my nation. I have taken part in many wars, and will sacrifice my life in this one”. Having said this he took some blood from his hip, and sprinkled it at the feet of the Supreme Commander General Jograj Singh. He then unsheathed his sword and said” This will drink the blood of the enemy and will not go back to its sheath.” Hearing the speech of this heroic warrior, a wave of enthusiasm and courage ran through the army and every one cried out slogans of the motherland.

The second general was Harbir Singh Jat, of the Gulia Clan. He was from the village Badli, district Rohtak, Haryana He was 22 years old, and weighed 160 kilograms. He was a large, strong and very brave warrior.

The troops under various commands of above generals, spread out to Delhi, to Meerut, to Muzzafarnagar, to Saharanpur and Haridwar. On reaching these places, they fought with the armies of Taimur, and using Guerilla warfare against a much larger, experienced invader army, they did not them sit still for a moment. The women wing of army even poisoned the waters on way right to Hardwar which Taimur’s soldiers drank and died.


At that time Taimur’s forces were looting Delhi and putting its local populace to the sword, killing large numbers of civilians including women and children – this was only the beginning of what could have been one of the biggest massacres of Indian history.

Suddenly 20,000 warriors of Jograj Singh’s army made a surprise attack on the 52,000 strong forces of Taimur in Delhi in the middle of the night and killed 9,000 of them and let their corpses be swept away in the river Yamuna. As soon as dawn came, these heroic soldiers escaped and returned to outside the city walls. The battle carried on like this for three days.

Timur Lang got very angry with these attacks (he had never faced such a retaliation before) and he left Delhi and advanced toward Meerut to pursue and destroy these guerilla tactic warriors that were attacking and killing his army.


Taimur with his powerful army of over 100,000 soldiers and large stocks of weaponry, advanced towards Meerut. Once he advanced to these lands, Taimur’s army was attacked heavily and not given any space to breathe. The battles continued all through the day, every day. Wherever the Army of Taimur would stop for the night, Jograj Singh’s army would attack and uproot them. The heroic Devis (women) handled supplies and would deliver food and war material to their soldiers wherever they were. The warrior maidens would also attack and loot the supplies of the enemy. 500 horsemen were used for keeping everyone together and bearing information / instructions to these dispersed heroic forces. With the ferocity and frequency of Indian attacks, supplies were not reaching the army of Taimur and they started to go hungry. Whichever village came in their path would hence be destroyed, people killed and resources looted. The heroic warrior leader Durjanpal Ahir achieved his place in heaven in this battle of Meerut at Delhi Gate, with 200 of his soldiers.

Getting increasingly angry and frustrated with these attacks to his forces, Taimur advanced onwards towards Haridwar, which was the home base of supreme commander Jograj Singh Pawar, in attempt to crush the head of these attacking Indian forces.


Beyond Meerut, to Muzzafarnagar and Saharanpur, these warriors fought fiercely with Taimur and did not let his army take a moment’s rest. The Supreme Commander General, the Generals and Deputy Generals were all handling their respective forces well. The army of Tiamur however eventually reached Tuglakpur- Pathrigarh / Jwalapur, which is 5 kos south of Haridwar.

At this spot, three major battles were fought with the army of Taimur to stop him from reaching the holy land of Haridwar.

1. The Deputy Commander Harbir Singh Gulia, along with 25,000 warriors, made a fierce attack on a big group of Taimur’s horsemen and a fierce battle ensued where arrows and spears were used (over 2,000 hill archers had joined this Indian Army – one arrow pierced Timur’s hand.). Taimur himself was protected and surrounded by a large force of his very best warriors and horsemen. Harbir Singh Gulia however charged ahead like a lion, broke through these protective forces and hit Timur on his chest with a spear, grieviously wounding him and Taimur almost fell off under his own horse (some say he later died of these war wounds), when his army’s commander Khijra, rushed to save him and managed to separate him from the horse. The spearmen and swordsmen of Taimur’s army swiftly leapt on Harbir Singh Gulia and attacked him savagely. He got severely wounded by these multiple attacks and fell down unconscious on battlefield. At that very time on getting this news, Supreme Commander Jograj Singh Pawar with 22,000 Mulls (warriors) attacked the enemy and swiftly killed 5000 of Taimur’s best horsemen. Jograj Singh rushed to the scene after killing all the enemy surrounding the spot and with his own hands lifted the unconscious Harbir Singh and brought him back to the camp. However a few hours later, the hero warrior Harbir Singh Gulia achieved martyrdom.

2. Soon thereafter in the Jungles of Haridwar, the guard of Taimur made up of 2805 soldiers, were attacked by Deputy commander warrior Dhula Dhardi with a small force of 190 soldiers. They managed to kill a large number of the Taimur’s guard but all 190 of these valiant soldiers achieved martyrdom.

3. In the third battle, Taimur made a final attempt to attack & destroy Haridwar but Supreme Commander Jograj Singh and his heroic warriors bravely defended their motherland and its revered pilgrimage place….they fiercely attacked the army of Taimur back and soon started routing and defeating the attacking enemy forces with all their wrath and might , the ferocity and strength of which shocked & scared them, eventually forced the barbarians to flee the battlegrounds to save their remaining forces and their lives from certain death. In this final & fiercest battle, the hero commander Jograj Singh Pawar suffered 45 wounds but he kept his senses and stayed conscious till the end….to motivate and lead forces from the front and did not allow Taimur’s army to touch the banks of the holy Ganga (Har Ki Pauri).

Taimur’s decimated, defeated army full of fear, fled away by way of the Hills. This fleeing army of Taimur was followed & chased from Haridwar right upto Ambala to ensure their final exit from these lands. Taimur never returned back and there were no invasion of India for another 150 years.

In these battles, the crucial generals who were wounded or killed, were replaced. One Rajput warrior of the Kachwaha Clan had taken over the post of Deputy Commander General. Later one Rawa and one Saini had also taken up the posts of Senapati (forces general).

Only 5 senapatis (generals) of this brave Indian army survived this war, the rest achieved martyrdom. Atleast 35,000 of the heroic Indian warriors were martyred.

In these battles with the over 2,50,000 soldiers of Taimur, Indian warriors sent over 1,60,000 of these barbarian enemy forces to the rivers of death….and with them, the dreams of Taimur to capture, convert & loot Indian lands were fully swept away.

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  1. Bijender Tanwar
    May 19, 2019

    Very good research and very motivating to us and next generation. Your this work will going to be a great encouraging factor for Hindus in next Indian Mahabharat on or before 2047. Good job, please Keep it up.


  2. Kargil Jay
    May 24, 2019

    great to know..


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  5. Vikas
    October 17, 2022

    This is quite informative. I had read autobiography of taimur. In which I have never found such incidence. Whatever he mentioned was his brutality. Will you able to give me the source detail where it was mentioned these details. I want to correlate it with its autobiography. It would be much better if the sources will be from the same time.


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