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Islam To Be The Major Religion Of The World

Agree and like many Hindus to see it through and off course do not do anything and let it go ,embrace it and change to islamist.

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Two Religions are notorious for religious Conversion.

Their belief is that greater the number  followers, greater the Religion!

Christianity started it, Islam took it up.

While Christians entice people to become Christians Islam uses the Sword.

When the interests of these two religions clash, the result is Chaos.

The Middle East witnessed it during the Crusades.

Now this is being witnessed  in the world, with Al Qaeda targeting the Christians.

Christian nations are reacting.

Unfortunately , others who are not concerned with this affair.

Islam seems determined to overtake Christianity in Population.

With their Religion asking them to increase population, Islam will overtake Christianity.

Whether it is going to be fundamental Islam or moderate Islam(which I doubt), one has to wait.

Here is a report.

“The number of Muslims in Europe has grown from 29.6 million in 1990 to 44.1 million in 2010.34 Europe’s Muslim population is projected…

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