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That Manhattan Island was dedicated to Saint Nikolaos by the first white people to land there, is a generally unknown fact. That the great city (New York) that surrounds Manhattan Island is the “Great City” of the Book of Revelation in the Bible is also a generally unknown fact. Please enjoy reading the true history of Saint Nikolaos, and how Manhattan Island was dedicated to him.

The image of Saint Nikolaos/Santa Claus has its origin in the image of the mushroom Amanita muscaria, var. divina. The connection between Saint Nikoloas and this divine healing mushroom is well established.


This picture is of the display case at the Department of Botany, San Francisco State University at Christmas 2001, and explains the relationship between Saint Nikoloas and the mushrooms that are the gifts he places below the Christmas tree. The story is in the hallways of the universities!


In Europe and Asia the images of the jolly old Elf are covered with spots, just as his mushroom is.

The story of Saint Nikolaos arrived in North America from Amsterdam with the Dutch. The masthead of the first Dutch ship to land on Manhattan Island was carved in the image of Saint Nikoloas, and the new Dutch settlement on Manhattan was called New Amsterdam.

The Dutch declared Saint Nikoloas to be the spirit and patron saint of Manhattan Island, which he continues to be until this day. Manhattan’s mythological history is both Native American and Eurasian. Native American tradition established this special island as a place of holy manna, and the indigenous people only went there to get wood for bows and arrows.

The Goddess Tri-pura (Tri-borough) of the Rig Veda, and her healing mushroom lived on this island of holy manna Manna Hatta. The Goddess arranged that a Great City named after her (Tri-pura/tri-borough) would be established there. Manhattan island is connected to two of the boroughs of New York by the Tri-borough bridge.

For most of its history, New York has had only three boroughs. The other two are more recent. Borough means dwelling place. Rabbits live in burrows (boroughs). The Great City (The Big Apple?) would be established on this habitat of the Goddess and her mushroom, on an island dedicated to Saint Nikolaos with the arrival of the Dutch. Manhattan was the powerful and creative habitat of the Goddess long before the colonialists arrived and the island was paved over. The Rig Veda reveals that the Goddess draws the evil and greedy people to the Great City so she can destroy them when the time is right and their karma calls for it.

Because of the Great City’s corruption, and it’s victimizing of the whole world, it is destroyed in a firestorm in one hour according to the prophecy of the Rig Veda.

In the book of Revelation in the Bible, Jesus also foretells the destruction of the Great City in a firestorm in one hour. Rev. 18:1-24.

The Goddess Tripura/Tri-borough of Manhattan Island, has always been connected to the dog star Sirius, and it is revealing that this special island was dedicated to Saint Nikolaos by the Dutch.

The church of Saint Nikolaos was the only church destroyed on Manhattan island when the World Trade Center towers collapsed on September 11, 2001. The only reported death of a dog was a golden retriever named Sirius, a U.S. Customs dog in a kennel in a sub-basement of one of the towers. The Church of Saint Nikolaos and the star dog Sirius were destroyed.

Would the Goddess and Saint Nikolaos be so compassionate as to send a final warning message in this way?

The Book of Revelation warns the people of the Great City;

“Come out of her my people…lest you share in her plagues, for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Render to her as she herself has rendered, and repay her double for her deeds…and she will be burned with fire. Alas, alas, you Great City, in one hour your judgment has come.” Revelation 18:4, 6, 8, 10.

What bad karma could cause the Great City to burn in a firestorm in one hour?

The logical and only answer is the Manhattan Project. Based on Manhattan, this project managed the production and delivery of the atomic bombs that destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasake. As you give, so shall you receive, Jesus said. What you give is what you get. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, a scientist would say.

It appears that New York, the Great City of the book of Revelation, will soon receive its karma for being involved in detonating atomic bombs over two cities in Japan.

“Come out of her my people.”


This picture is the window of a kindergarten in Amsterdam just before Christmas. Saint Nikoloas is pictured with his constant companion, Black Peter, who he always travels with.

Saint Nikoloas represents Sirius A and Black Peter represents Sirius B, the dark companion of Sirius A. They are always in each other’s orbit. Black Peter (dark father) has been left out of the images of Saint Nikoloas and Christmas in many countries. This is somehow fitting, since Black Peter represents Sirius B, the Invisible and Unknown God.

The meaning of Saint Nikoloas is:

saint-sint-santa= enlightened

nik= guardian

o = of

laos = people

Saint Nikolaos is the enlightened guardian of the people.

Sirius is the star at the top of the Christmas tree that Saint Nikolaos leaves his mushroom gifts under. In the older Christmas traditions the gifts placed beneath the tree are wrapped in red with white spots, just as the mushroom gifts of Saint Nikolaos are.

In this image from Scandinavia, there are two stars over Saint Nikoloas’ head representing Sirius A and Sirius B. The star representing Sirius B is partially hidden, just as Sirius B is. Pictured at his feet are two mushrooms. Two stars.Two mushrooms.


In this image from Turkey, home and church are in the background. Saint Nikoloas is sitting on the sacred mushroom. There are two stars and two hearts at his right hand. The two stars, of course, are Sirius A and Sirius B, and the two hearts represent their love for all creation. It’s all about love. Two stars. Two mushrooms.


In these two images there are clearly two significant stars just above Saint Nikoloas, representing Sirius A and Sirius B.


This picture is of the new church of Saint Nikoloas in Amsterdam. Carved into the stone archway over the entryway is Saint Nikoloas of Myra.



Myra is a small Turkish village on the north coast of the Mediterranean sea. The people of Amsterdam know that Saint Nikoloas and Black Peter sail from Myra in Turkey in time to arrive in Amsterdam on December 6th, Saint Nikolaos day. The name Myra means the place of myrrh and is so named because of our mushroom’s myrrh-like fragrance.


People came to the altar of the church in Myra to eat what was called the manna of Nikolaos, which was able to heal any disease of injury they suffered from. The manna of Nikolaos was our miraculous mushroom, and appears on the front of the altar as the picture below shows.


Two mushrooms are the correct amount to take of this medicine for all ailments, the manna of Saint Nikoloas.

The St. Nikolaos mushroom lived in the forests on the mountains behind the church before the tragic deforestation of the region. The marvelous mushroom and the miracle cures it produced, ceased to be when the forest was cut. No forest, no mushrooms.


The three girls in the lower left corner of the picture above, are sitting behind the main altar of the church. The altar is the focus of the church, and as we saw above, the cross rises from the two divine mushrooms at its base.

Knowing the connection of Saint Nikolaos to the star Sirius, it is interesting to note that the village where Saint Nikoloas was born is called Patara. PA-TARA, meaning, father star.

Saint Nikoloas’ mushroom appears in many children’s stories. This image is from a Turkish version of Aesop’s Fables.




This picture is one of countless images that show the red-capped mushrooms and red-capped elves together. The word for elf in German is alp. The alpine (alp-ine) is the elf-zone.

The following verse from the Rig Veda, is symbolically acted out by countless families each Christmas, as they kneel down to collect the mushroom gifts left beneath the Christmas tree by Saint Nikoloas.

Mankind approaches Him, Families kneel before Him, They reverently adore Him, And find friendly and protective assurance In the twinkle of the eye of this Divine. Rig Veda 1:72:5

Prostitutes around the world wear red dresses with white spots, to share the appearance of the Mushroom Goddess whose business is Love. She’s the Houri/Whore of heaven, and gives Her love to those who know to come to Her. Saint Nikolaos dresses the same, because he’s a ho, ho, whore. In Amsterdam, the Church of Saint Nikolaos is in the center of the red light district. It’s all about Love!


The images of Saint Nikolaos, the Goddess, and Ganesha, all represent the same healing mushroom that dresses like them

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