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Tamil Sangam Dates 17000 Years Extended To Equator


It is generally believed that the Tamil Language existed and Kings nurtured it for a period of about 10,000 years ago.

“According to P.T. Srinivasa Iyengar[23] who made research on this topic mentions in his book “History of Tamils” Chapter XVI on topic “Criticism of the legend”,[24] as the years mentioned for the Three Tamil Sangams are too vast. The First sangam lasted 4440 yrs and spanned 89 Succeeding Kings. The Second sangam lasted 3700 yrs and spanned 59 Succeeding Kings, The Third sangam lasted 1800 yrs and spanned 49 Succeeding Kings.”(wiki)

By this reckoning the Age of Tamil is approximately 10’000 Years for the Sangam Period.

But recent research says that a relic proves that the Tami land extended its landmass “extended southward below Cape Comorin (Kanya Kumari) incorporating present day Ilankai/ Sri Lanka. It had an enhanced offshore running all the way to…

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