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War Crimes By IPKF? Sri Lanka Killing Tamils

It is a war crime and president should be in war court.


The US proposes to bring in a motion in Geneva against Sr Lanka to pressurize it to  set aright its War Crimes against the Tamils Massacre.

Understandably Sr Lanka hit back saying initially that there were no such incidents,relented somewhat later that there might have been some stray incidents locally, but now has gone on the offensive stating that the US was grossly overestimating  the toll.

Sri Lanka rejected U.S. criticism of its human rights record as “grossly disproportionate” on Sunday, a day after a senior U.S. official said Washington would table a U.N. resolution against Colombo.

Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal expressed frustration on Saturday over Sri Lanka’s failure to punish military personnel responsible for atrocities in a civil war that the government won in 2009 against separatist Tamil rebels.

Biswal, speaking in Colombo after a two-day visit, said the United States would table a third…

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    February 3, 2014

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