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Taj Mahal Not On Islamic Traditions,Taj Built Earlier

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In continuation of my earlier posts, lets us consider the Etymology of The Taj and Mahal.

The Taj Mahal Blue print of the Taj Mahal showing cross-section of Central Edifice in a book by J Fergusson in 1855. It clearly shows the hidden basements For larger Image Click on This Image.

Nowhere an Islamic Mausoleum the word Mahal is found anywhere in the World.

The name itself consists of two words, Mumtaz and Mahal.

The name of Mumtaz is not Mumtaz, it was a pet  name , given by, one is not sure by whom.

That Shahjahan called her this way is not found in any reference.

Her Name.’Arjumand Banu Begum

Even if one were to assume her name has been given to the Taj Mahal, it should be The Taz Mahal and not Taj Mahal.

“Tavernier, a French jeweller has recorded in his travel memoirs that Shahjahan purposely buried Mumtaz…

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