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Manu Smriti ,Who A Brahmin Is How To Learn Veda


I have devoted some posts on this subject.

I have been asked by email the Manu Smriti‘s stand on Brahmins and the discipline needed to learn the Vedas.

Laws of Manu Manu Smriti.

I am reproducing  aversion of Manu Smriti on this and you may read the Full Text in the Link.

You would find details on this and also on Naming of Children and a host of information.

Manu Smriti, Chapter II.

1. Learn that sacred law which is followed by men learned (in the Veda) and assented to in their hearts by the virtuous, who are ever exempt from hatred and inordinate affection.

2. To act solely from a desire for rewards is not laudable, yet an exemption from that desire is not (to be found) in this (world): for on (that) desire is grounded the study of the Veda and the performance of the actions, prescribed by the Veda.

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