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Kejriwal CIA Mole? Documents

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I have been wary of Anna Hazare and Arun Kejriwal of  Aam Admi party since the word go , I have posted articles on this.

While one has never held elections for the Society he was involved in, paid by bribe to get a job done , the other resigned from Government breaking his bond under less than cordial circumstances.

Arun Kejriwal , instead of governing reverted to cheap gimmicks , when voted to be the CM of Delhi, in the process proving himself to be an anarchist .

The hall-mark of CIA manipulation.

I am providing documents and judge for yourself.


A US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secret document (declassified) given below, duly signed by the then Director Allen W. Dulles clearly shows the link between CIA and Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award. It may be mentioned that Dulles was the longest serving Director…

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