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Genocide Of 1.8 Billion Indians By The British


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I am used to hearing people of my earlier generation and many from my generation as well, speak highly of the British Rule in India, about,

The Indian Holocaust. Image Credit.http://greatgameindia.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/indian-holocaust-under-british-raj-1-8-billion-excess-deaths-ignored-by-anglo-media/ The British Killed More than a Billion Indians

British Honesty and Fair play,

Their contribution to uniting India,

Bringing in the Industrial Revolution to India and

Introducing English in India.

Each of these statements need rebuttals for the impressions are not correct and the motives behind these acts are criminal in Nature.

They have invaded all countries that are found in the Map today, excepting 22!

Before I start rebutting these points one by one, let me furnish some information about the Genocide of Indians by the British.

We are aware of one Jallianwala Bagh .

We do not know about more serious Genocide by the British in India,

Now Britain claims it is a Champion of Freedom and a friend…

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