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Ancient Indian temples in a straight line!

Very interesting – Can you guess what is common between all these prominent temples.

1. Kedarnath

2. Kalahashti

3. Ekambaranatha- Kanchi

4. Thiruvanamalai

5. Thiruvanaikaval

6. Chidambaram Nataraja

7. Rameshwaram

8. Kaleshwaram N-India

If your answer is they all are Shiva temples, you are only partially correct.

It is actually the longitude in which these temples are located.

They all are located in 79° longitude.

What is surprising and awesome is that how the architects of these temples many hundreds of kilometers apart came up with these precise locations without GPS or any such gizmo like that.


1. Kedarnath 79.0669°

2. Kalahashti 79.7037°

3. Ekambaranatha- Kanchi 79.7036°

4. Thiruvanamalai 79.0747°

5. Thiruvanaikaval 78.7108

6. Chidambaram Nataraja 79.6954°

7. Rameshwaram 79.3129°

8. Kaleshwaram N-India 79.9067°

See the picture — all are in a straight line.

One comment on “Ancient Indian temples in a straight line!

  1. JV
    December 5, 2017

    The ego needs conflict because its sense of a separate identity gets strengthened in fighting against this or that, and in demonstrating that this is “me” and that is not “me.”
    Not infrequently, tribes, nations, and religions derive a strengthened sense of collective identity from having enemies. Who would the “believer” be without the “unbeliever?”


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