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Vedic Hinduism In Germany Greece, Russian Veda

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I have posted articles that Hnduism, Sanatana Dharma was all over the World and the entire Jambu Dweepa was practicing Hinduism.
I had provided Maps of Ancient India,Kingdoms as well
I am furnishing details from research articles on this subject.
In his book ‘Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence’ Stephen Knapp confirms that the Vedic culture was once global.
Professor Alexander Vasilyavich Medvedev, chairman of the religious affairs committee of the Urals region.
Professor Medvedev:
“The problem amongst our leaders may not be so much in having to accept your movement, but to accept that the Vedic culture could have very well been the original culture here in Russia.You know in Russia practically all the scientists accept that the Vedic culture once flourished here, the center being in the Volga river region.

The debate among our scientists is only if the Aryans came from India…

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