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71 Generations Lord Krishna Family Tree

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The Puranas are ancient History.

While we accord recognition and respect Western History, we do not have the same attitude to Indian Puran.

So much for our English Education.

Lord Krishna Playing the fulte Lord Krishna

We would believe as authentic Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, think of Hercules as having existed but when we recover the skeletons purported to be that of Kadothgaja, we say it is non sense.

This despite the  detailed descriptions of cities, people, Dynasties and Geographical descriptions which exist even to-day.

I have posted details of the Manu Dynasty.

Here is the Dynasty of Lord Krishna.

And this includes Lord Krishna’s sons, Grandsons.

1. Brahma
2. Daksha
3. Vivasvat
4. Manu
5. Chandra
6. Pururava
7. Aayu
8. Nahush
9. Yayati
10. Yadu
11. Kroshtu
12. Vrujjinvanta
13. Swahi
14. Swati
15. Rasadu
16. Chitrarath
17. Shashabindu
18. Pruthusravas
19. Antar
20. Suyajna
21. Ushanas
22. Shineyu
23. Maruta

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