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Hinduism China’s Religion Mahabharata Reference

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China and its culture is quite enigmatic .

It is very difficult to know much about China and its Religion than what is allowed to be spread by the PRC, with the result many of us have a vague idea about Buddhism is practiced in China and we have heard Lao Tse.

But prior to the advent of Gautama the Buddha what Religion was practiced in China?

Hindu Temple,China A panel of inscriptions of the God Narasimha adorns the entrance to the main shrine of the temple, believed to have been installed by Tamil traders who lived in Quanzhou in the 13th century. Photo: Ananth Krishnan

Shiva In Quanzhou,China Carving of Shiva from a Hindu Temple at Quanzhou

Hindu Goddess in China Chedian Shrine,China-This is possibly the only temple in China where we are still praying to a Hindu God,” says Li San Long, a Chedian resident, with a smile. “Even though most of the villagers still think…

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