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History Of Brahmins India

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The term Brahmana means one who has realized the Ultimate Reality.

Brahmins are one of the groups of India who pray for the welfare of the people in general , are ordained to be a role model for the Society and are expected to lead the society.

In exercise of this, Brahmins have been priests,Advisers to kings(which continues even today) and in some cases have also been Kings, though this is not the function of the Brahmins.

Brahmins in India, State wise population Image. Geographical Distribution of Brahmins in India.

Brahmins are called ‘Vipra’ the ‘Inspired ones’ ‘Dwija ‘ Twice , first being born physically, the second,when a Brahmin is anointed with the ceremony and practice of the Upanayana, the opening of the third Eye.

The authority for the Brahmins are the Sruthi( which is heard), the Vedas, and the Smritis(The remembered).

The Vedas are four in number, Rig, Yajur(Krishna and Shukla), Sama and Atharva.

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