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Saudi columnist calls Jihad in Syria ‘Jihad for Satan’ and calls for a ban on Muslims killing Muslims – but no mention of non-Muslims

The Muslim Issue

Saudi columnist Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi calls the Saudi Jihad in Syria a fight for Satan. With followers of a Satanic cult, what else to expect? He condemns the killing of Muslims. It may all sounds good, but notice how he doesn’t mention any restriction for Muslims to kill other people – only Muslims. Notice that NOT ONE Muslim has stepped forward to condemn the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of non-combatant and innocent Christians in Syria. Not one.

The columnist then encourage the Muslim savages to turn their satanic activities against Israel – a victim of Jihad and deception for more than 60 years.

Morality lesson: they’re all the same. Never believe they have any disagreement to slaughter of non-Muslims.



Saudi Columnist: The Jihad In Syria Is Jihad For Satan, Not Allah

On March 26, 2014, a video was posted on YouTube showing two Saudi youths being executed…

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