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No Place for Dynasty in Democracy: Common Sense…. by Thomas Paine

Whatever It's Worth...

COMMON SENSE : Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) was an Englishman who came to America in 1774, he was a political philosopher who promoted change through revolution rather than reform. Paine is most renowned for his activities advocating democracy. Common Sense (1776) is his widely-read pamphlet, argued for America’s immediate separation from England. It is considered by many to be the catalyst that roused public feeling and was most influential in the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

The topic is extremely relevant for us here in India today, the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty has suffered its most humiliating defeat ever in recently conluded general election in India. The strength of Congress Party in the lower house of Indian Parliament (Loksabha) has come to to a mere 44, less than 10% in the house where the total strength is 545. Not only BJP has won the majority most handsomely – getting 282 seats,  the defeat is a severe…

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